Sam D.

W.O.D. 5.26.10
Front Squat
Weighted Ring Dips

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule:
Due to the holiday we have a modified schedule this weekend.
Friday- 6AM, 12PM, extra 1PM class, 4:30PM, 5:30PM
Saturday- 9AM ONLY
Sunday- 9AM and 10AM, no Kids Class
Monday- CLOSED for Memorial Day

Community Notes:
Click here to check out the new 8 week program Cindy Handler is offering!!!

Rob's 300lb x 3 clean and jerk by CrossFit Again Faster - video [wmv] [mov]

"You accept failure as a possible outcome of some of the experiments. If you don't get failures, you're not pushing hard enough on the objectives."
- John Poindexter

Dorothy: 105/practice
Patti: 98/practice
Tim G: 165/20#
Jeff: 155/32#
Kim J: 105/0.5 blue
Charlie: 225/BW
Deb: 110/3.75#
Sam D: 205/?
Teamari: 65/practice
Aimee: 180x1
Kerry: 125x1
Jim C: 225/40#
Olan: 195/58#
Angela: 85/practice
JZ: 165/58#
Kevin: 205/37#
Cindy: 95/practice
Cheri: 135/BW
Brian R: 145/37#
Rob Ph: 145/practice
Donkey: 105/practice
Mel: 100/practice
Christine: 63/practice
Plentus: 250/92#
Kim G: 63/practice
Joe: 275/86#
Jenny: 145/20#
CC: 113/practice
Jen: 43/practice
Bevin: 85/practice


Chris P. said...

Youtube vids from the Adventures of T&P:

Team 1 Truck Pull (Jim, Jerry, Lori, Kim)

Team 2 Truck Pull (Shawn, Roger, Laura)

Team 3 Truck Pull (Liz, Ditty, Ellie)

AMRAP WOD: http://tiny.cc/b59l3

CC said...

Will anyone else be in SIC/Avalon this weekend to do a WOD of some sort on Sunday? I am playing in a football tournament on Saturday, but I would be up for something on Sunday and/or Monday. Let me know!

Chris P. said...

why do you CrossFit? maybe it's to pole vault when you're 87!!

CNN video: http://tiny.cc/3h9e2

Miranda said...

Did the front squats at FAC last night, caused I missed the class's.

3 rep Max...145# I had two dudes tell me not to hurt myself and be careful with that heavy weight when i started with 95#...

Nikki said...

Hahaha, great story Miranda! I woulda liked to know what they were thinking once you loaded up to 145# :)

Sam D - Way to go on your FS - your form looks awesome! Great pic :)

Jen S. said...

haha miranda! that's hilarious! love it ;)

Aimee Lyons said...

Miranda that's hilarious, I would have love to be a fly on the wall and seen the look on their faces!

keep up the good work!