The Individual Competitors Aimee, Kerry and Jen (aka Grans)

post 5k hill run

300# deadlift

40# dumbbells

final wod

The individual competition was more fierce than ever before. The CrossFit ladies came from 9 states to compete. CrossFit KoP sent 3 amazing women who set PR's throughout the weekend; the deadlifts being some of the most impressive, Kerry pulled 300#, Aimee pulled 280# and Grans pulled 245#. Overall for the weekend, Aimee ranked 10th, Kerry 32nd and Grans 40th.

Stellar performances and CONGRATULATIONS to these fine ladies!!

[click here] to see the overall results for the ladies!

W.O.D. 5.14.10

3 Rounds for time of:
50 ft Overhead Walking Lunges 45#barbell
50 Squats
800M run

Chris Solinsky: Sets American Record in his very first 10k race!

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Grans: 19:26
Todd: 18:25
Joe: 29:36
Sam: 16:56
Deb: 20:56
Seth: 20:06
Teamari: 30:58 (15#)
Han: 20:24 (200m)
Kevin: 23:07
Rob Ph: 25:50
Dorothy: 22:12
Olan: 22:22
JZ: 19:41
Ditty: 25:04
Barb: 23:01 (33#)
Brian R: 21:37
Kim S: 24:04
Mike B: 21:35
Tim G: 24:08
Roger: 24:27
Swine: 18:56 (20# vest)
Holly: 31:58
Kim G: 28:31
Annette: 27:43 (15#)
Liz: 25:34
Jim C: 23:20
Maureen: 27:00
Laura: 16:44
Kathleen: 25:43
Kristen S: 28:37
Mike F: 24:15
Rob: 22:21
Ellie: 20:57


Chris P. said...

a bunch of youtube videos from the weekend including a great video of Kerry celebrating her deadlift with other KoPers: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrossfitChrisP

Jason Lyons said...

congrats ladies. you make us proud! start training for next year.

Melanie said...

I love having a place to go where I can feel insprired every time I walk in the door. You are an amazing bunch and feel lucky to know you all!

Miranda said...

Congrats Ladies!

donkey said...

love all three of these pics and all three of you ladies! it's awesome to get to work out with superheros. especially because not one of you actually thinks you are.