Sam B, W.W. and Shawn
How do you modify for injury?
Skateboard Rowing...pretty creative!

W.O.D. 5.25.10

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 M
Max Rep Pull-ups
Your score is the number of total pull-ups.
(compare to 12.15.09)

The Women's competition at the Northwest Regionals, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have.
-Brian Tracy

Donkey: 15
Deb: 23
Charlie: 64
Sam D: 80
Jeff: 56
Jerry: 79
Tim G: 33
Olan: 43
Mike F: 38
Jay S: 25
Roger: 36
Gary: 11
Sam: 114
Cheri: 36
Mike B: 49
Jen S: 54
Shawn: 62
WW: 20
Aimee: 88

Chris T: 44
Seth: 74
Terri: 15 (10 min)
Cindy: 10
Annette: 60
Mel: 51
Kristen: 43
Holly: 53
Steph: 30
Ellie: 38
Jay E: 38
Kathleen: 56
Flounder: 25


donkey said...

are the pull ups until you fall off the bar? (so for me, maybe 2?) or are they until you can't do any more, then you go run?

Aimee Lyons said...

you got it Donkey- until you fall off the bar...then go for a run!

donkey said...

so it's basically running for 20 minutes. got it :)

Jason Lyons said...

donkey, you should be proud if you get two and then need to go for a run. one thing we talked about this weekend is that everyone passes through a grey area where you use the band and then you struggle for like 2 months where you barely get your chin over the bar. the thing is that everyone passes through it and in my opnion, nicole is the perfect gate to that grey area.

Chris P. said...

Rob Orlando won the North East Regional this past weekend, dominating by coming in 1st in 3 of 4 events. Here's a video I found of his 3 rep Clean and Jerk (they had 40 seconds to C&J their max 3 times). Crushed the competition by doing 300#.


Aimee Lyons said...

Rob O is an amazing athlete, what a beast!

donkey said...

J: I can do two if i'm super lucky. at least you solved one riddle for me; i was pondering getting back on the band for this so I can at least spend SOME time not running. i'll stay off the band for today, although that probably means i'll get less than 10. eek!

Dorothy said...

Donkey. I am planning on doing this on my own. I am having the same dilema here. I think you might surprise youself. Once you get good and warmed up, I would bet you can get 5 in a row.

Chris P. said...

in the name of progress, if you are someone who absolutely cannot do 1 pullup, challenge yourself to get stronger by using a thinner band, maybe 1 or 2 levels thinner than usual. Do not be complacent in using a band that you are comfortable with, as this acts like a crutch each time you work out! I heard someone blogged about this recently... :)

Also, if you ARE someone who has pullups (and a lot of them) do not "game" the workout and drop off early to get high numbers each time. Your numbers should hopefully drop down dramatically round to round. This is a mental workout just as much as a physical. Toughen up and stay on that bar for as long as possible.

Miranda said...

I have been struggling with pull ups for about 6 months now. DO NOT use a band for this WOD. I ran almost the entire 20 minutes last time i did Nicole. Even if you are just getting your chin to bar level, you are getting stronger each time. Good luck with this one!

Aimee Lyons said...

Donkey- no band. running is good... just keep telling yourself that!

Hannah said...

I may be the only one that checks the crossfitmom's page...Cate's picture is featured on May 23rd!

Laura Pappas said...

Here's the link of Cate

Hannah - no baby yet!

donkey said...

no band. grand score of 14. lots of running. but nowhere to go but up, right?

thanks for all the advice, peeps. i'm glad i have you for bouncing ideas off it.


Jeff said...

Donkey, the scores I'm most proud of are the ones where I have Rx'd for the first time. It takes a lot of hard work to get there, and every WOD gets you that much stronger and faster. Be very proud of your effort!

stephanie vincent said...

i wish i could take credit for the skateboard...but the credit for that belongs to engineer and coach Jason. And the original idea for one legged rowing came from a GREAT crossfit journal article i think called "working wounded" (May 2005). it highlighted a guy WODing after a repaired meniscus too.

A injury can be an opportunity. :-)

Jen S. said...

Jeff - TOTALLY agree! ie: I will NEVER forget the awesomeness when I did Grace for the first time RX.

I agree with what everyone is saying about pull ups. If it wasn't for Aim and Jas forcing me to start completing workouts without the band I probably would not have believed that I could actually do a pull up. It was hard and frustrating at first but eventually something clicks (you get stronger) and you will surprise yourself with your potential and abilities!

donkey said...

that skateboard is brilliant

Jason Lyons said...


i will never forget your first time doing grace Rx, brought a tear to my eye as well...and i know it did to aimee too. what most of you may not realize is that the joy that you experience when you do something is just as present with us as we watched all of you grow from someone who did not believe they could into someone that was determined that they will! that is an incredibly addictive feeling and you all show it to us daily.

Ray said...

Yeah, go Steph! Love the skateboard. Just do it!