W.O.D. Triple Modality

Triple Modality M-W-G
Complete for time:
400M run
Thruster 21 (M 95lb/W 53)
400M run
Burpee 9
400M run
Thruster 15
400M run
Burpee 15
400M run
Thruster 9
400M run
Burpee 21

Tabata Squats for a treat at the end... and a Kipping lesson...

Ty-I'm gonna estimate here Ty, I'm not sure when you started running outside, gonna say approximately 28:46...

To all my first time CrossFit-ers...way to Rock It! Thanks for coming out for the fun, see you next week! I know the PM-guys missed the Tabata squats that Joe and Ed got in the AM, I'll make sure you don't miss them next week! I'm feeling Tabata Monday next week!!!

Check out the links below, a few more techniques on how to kip:

1. CrossFit Kipping Pull Up- Part 1
2. CrossFit Kipping Pull Up- Part 2
3. CrossFit Kipping Pull Up Part 3
4. CrossFit Kipping Pull Up Part 4

Joe and Ed...I promise you will get there soon!

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