A Team Deadlift Workout!

Way to perfect the Deadlift everyone!

Two teams-
Team 1- Pam, Jason, Tonya, Trisha, Beth, Tim
Team 2-Hanna, Laura, Nicole, Doreen, Gerard, Flavia

Perfect form with the "broomstick" must be completed first by all members of the team!
Move on to 5 reps @ 65lbs, complete perfect form next...
Move on to 3 reps @ 95lbs, complete perfect form next...
Move on to 5 sets 10 reps each set @ 135lbs, the entire team must complete perfect form or they go back for "rehabilitation"...the "broomstick"
Team must finish 800M together and 120 honest push-ups (20 each) to win....

We had only about a 10 second difference! Team 2 won by just about 5 push-ups!

Everyone, way to perfect the Deadlift!!! Click here to watch some perfect form.

A few notes on the Deadlift, it is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength! Regardless of weather your fitness goals are to "rev-up" your metabolism, increase strength or lean body mass, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance or maintain functional independence as a senior, the deadlift is marked as a shortcut to that end! -CrossFit Journal August 2003