CrossFit Fort Myers

A visit to Fort Myers wouldn't be complete with out a stop in at Jason Cobb's awsome CrossFit Fort Myers gym!
On Saturday we paired up with some Mixed Martial Arts fighters from Pitt's Penn Submission School and had a conditioning session. It was a modified "Fight Gone Bad" senerio with Burpees and lateral tire jumps, Wall Balls, Deadlifts, Push Press and a nice 200M sprint to finish it off! Thanks again Jason, it was a blast, I can't wait for my next visit!! If you want to see more pics of me in action check out Jason's Coaches Blog at http://cffmcoachesblog.blogspot.com/. For my F.A.C crew...check out my burpee form...that's what we are aiming for!!


Hip Kitty said...

I was sorry to miss you this past Saturday while you were here in Ft. Myers! I had a prior engagement, but have heard you rocked the house. Michelle is my training partner and she said it was pretty brutal, and I know fgb will be more... I am doing fgb this Saturday for my first time and I guess I can say I am looking forward to it...? (kinda) Hope to catch you next time you're down for a nice, hot wod! Good luck to you in your cf

Phil Scarito said...

Looking good there superstar.