Ladies, don't listen to these "lies in the gym"

LIE:Weight training will make you huge and masculine.
In general women are not able to build monstrous muscle mass in the same manner as men due to a number of physiological factors. In order for women to get as big as competitive body builders there needs to be a combination of genetics, extensive long-term training, strict diet and supplementation (legal or otherwise). I promise ladies, you will not wake up after a work out and be huge like a "she-hulk"!

LIE:Men train, women tone.
To be serious about strength training you should eliminate the word "tone" from your vocabulary. Lifting a tiny weight for a hundred reps is a waste of time and never really stresses your muscles enough to make them much stronger. There is no such thing as "toning". There is muscle mass, strength gain and fat loss...that's it! In technical terms, "tone" refers to the ability of the central nervous system to provide passive muscular resistance to being stretched. What you probably think of as toned are merely muscles not hidden by a lot of body fat!! So in other words don't waste your time on little weights, go ahead step it up...the harder it is the stronger you get!

LIE:Women shouldn't work their leg and butt muscles, otherwise they'll get too big. By building muscle you speed up your metabolism, resulting in more effective fuel (calorie) consumption. More muscle means less fat in the long run! The largest group of muscles in a women's body is in her legs and butt; by neglecting the largest group of muscles you are neglecting the best area for building calorie burning muscle. And if you look at those "she-hulk" body builders, their butts are actually quite small....

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