Burpees have a new name..."Nightmares"

After Nicole's first PT CrossFit session at about her 30th Burpee (BTW she made it through 40 of them, whew, nice work!) she coined the new name "Nightmares"...if you have never witnessed a burpee I suggest you click here to check one out! Even if you have done them previously check out the great form and techinque. And don't forget the new CrossFit standard after the 2008 CrossFit games is to clap at the top!!! Nicole also had a new name for the "thrusters" but we will wait until she Rx'ds them for her to really describe them, she might come up with something better! Nicole was an animal tonight, after an hour of my spin class she did 4 rounds of 10 K-T-E, 10 DB-Thrusters, 10 Walking Lunges and 10 "nightmares" in 25 minutes! Nice Work Girl!!! Here's the info I promised on Nutrition...click here to view it, Nutrition is really the foundation for all training!

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Anonymous said...

how come there are no incriminating pics of Nicole on the blog. I really wanted to have one to give her on her wedding day!!!