Jason met Fran...on Sunday
I believe he's checking his pulse in the picture!

See below for some new times!
The 6am CrossFit Class took on Fran early today!
Awesome work guys! see you next Wednesday!

Barbell Thrusters (95)(65)

65lb 8:43-Jason
65lb 6:18 - Paul
65lb 9:13 Kevin
65lb 8:01 Tim
65lb 9:03 Ed
65lb 5:03 Geoff
40lb 20:30-Patti
45lb 8:00-Orla
45/40 9:55- Nicole
95 rx'd 6:47 -Christian

rx'd 7:55-Aimee
I took just under two minutes off my previous time!

And to put us all to shame...click here to check out some CrossFit "kids" doing Fran!
And Check out FirefighterFran!! Click here to be inspired!


Anonymous said...

No wonder Fran is a single old maid. Glad everyone came out!

Anonymous said...

Dr J,

I am feelin ya!!!!

- Big P