W.O.D. 11.11.21

Today we honor all Veterans who have served the country in war or in peace.  Thank you to ALL Veterans for their sacrifice.


Around 2008, Dave Castro was a SEAL Qualification Training instructor down in Coronado when he met Wilkinson, who was already a SEAL and going through the course again after re-enlisting. “We kinda treated him differently because he was already one of us,” Castro said. The two developed a rapport and stayed in touch over the years especially as Wilkinson’s wife Sara became a L4 coach and flowmaster, who owned CrossFit Odyssey in Virginia Beach, where Chad was stationed. When Sara spoke at her husband’s funeral, she recounted a recent story when she walked into the garage to find Wilkinson doing step-ups wearing a backpack. He was training to climb Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, by doing 1000 step-ups at a time. “You need to make that a Hero workout,” one of the CrossFit L1 seminar staff attendees whispered to Dave. 

Together with Sara Wilkinson, we bring you the hero workout "Chad", in honor of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to the effects of numerous deployments, several TBIs, blast wave injuries and PTSD. Our goal is to honor Chad's life and legacy and by raising awareness for suicide prevention. 

Make sure to CLICK HERE and check out the Go RUCK site @goruck so you can purchase a T-shirt or patch. 

You can also CLICK HERE to go to the Navy Seal Foundation Website and donate directly @navysealfoundation.org

for time:
1000 step ups (35/45# to a 20/24" box)

Coaches Notes:
Bring a backpack to use for this workout and we can fill it with the appropriate weight for you. Other scaling can come in terms of a reduction of height on the box and or volume of step ups. 

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." 
- Buddha


Aimee Lyons said...

jamie 62:38 20#
Mark 44:13 ,500 steps , 20# vest
Brian 32:42 ,500,20#

taylor 70:04 20#
Steve Z 62:50 , 500, 10# 13"
Mae 67:28 13"
Cate 72:05 17" 23#
Mike Ro 75:48 20" 25#
Karen 78:23 20" 14#
aimee 81:46 39# to 17"
Edwin 66:46 20# to 20"
Mike m still at it 35#
Jackie 43:44 750 steps no vest 17"

Aimee Lyons said...

Pam G 58:10 rx
Matty Bo 45:10 (600) 24#
Lisa 500 step ups 30:00
Rich A 74:13 (24")
Jess A 80:45 17"
Max 72:00 825 reps (18#)
Meredith 64:05 17"

Masters partner
Terry/Gordy 36:48 13/20"
Alan/ Leda 23:58 500/ 17" / 2 45#plates
Isaiah/ Lucas 48:00 20"

Ben Berry said...

Steph C. 29:49 500 steps
Emma 49:05 partially done with 20# vest
Leah 53:52 partially done with 20# vest
Tasha 24ish 350 steps

Taylor W said...

Matt 52:38 no vest
kyle 44:34 RX
Kristen 63:14 20#
Dana 60:08 11#
Freaky G 62:28 partially done with 16# vest
Joe s 46:49 no vest
Randy 46:20 no vest
Alex TU 59:20 16#
Kerrry 66:55 partially done with vest