We can't wait to see your POST quarantine PR's! 

We are excited to announce a BRAND NEW leaderboard at CrossFit King of Prussia.

This NEW leaderboard is ready for you when the gym re-opens, but don't worry,  your old records haven't disappeared!

Which one are you most excited about????
 Eva, Kelly, Karen, Randy, Maggie, The Baseline, Heavy C2B Fran, Isa-Grace, Flight Simulator, Barbara, Candy, Nicole, 5 RM Back Squat, 3 RM Front Squat, 10 RM OHS, 5 RM Deadlift, Clean+FS+Jerk, Snatch+OHS, Power clean, Push Jerk, DT, The other CF total (1 RM Clean, Bench, OHS), Linda, Lynne, Max C2B, Bar MU, Ring MU, Max Distance HS Walk, Max Plank Hold, Murph, 500M Ski, 1K Row, 5K Row, 5K Run, 2K C2 Bike or the 50 Calories on the Assault Bike.

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