W.O.D. 2.14.17

The Annual Valentines Day Massacre
(our 9th Year!!!)
Each partner must share the work load and complete a portion of the below while the other partner continually holds a bumper plate over head. (Ladies#25/Gentlemen#45). We will scale the load overhead if necessary. If the bumper plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must complete 50 burpees. The bumper plate cannot rest on any object or body part, it must be held over head. Exercises can be completed in any order.

50 Wallballs (14/20#) 
75 Kettelbell swings (35/55#) 
100 Push Ups 
150 Sit-Ups 
200 Squats 
800M Run

  Feel free to bring your significant other, partner, friend, relative or enemy...to give CrossFit a try. Even if you don't come with a partner, You will be paired up with someone. There will be FREE babysitting available at 9:30 AM today!
We will scale this based on level and ability for new comers. This is a FREE class for first timers who come with a current CFKoP member!!

Past Results: 
(2.12.16)    (2.14.15) or (2.14.14) or (2.17.13) or 2.14.12 or 2.13.11 or 2.13.10 or 2.14.09 or 6.24.09)

Community Notes:

Join Shawna at 5:30PM on Wednesday (2/15) in the Annex Upstairs for one hour of Mobility work, YES you all need it!

There will be a CrossFit KoP Social at 7:00PM on Friday night (2/17) at the Conshohocken Brew Pub-(across from the gym)...we will celebrate the end of the nutrition challenge!

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another. 
-Thomas Merton



Jenna said...

Tp and dd 28:02 rx (burpees not included :) )
King and Chris 23:40 rx
Mark and Jamie 27:53 (25#plate)
Kevin and manisha 25:48 (15)
Lauren an Leah 24:26 rx and (26 rus,15plate,10wb)
taylor and Sam 25:27 (15,26,8, snake)

Dennis and Aileen 24:30 (row)
Jp and Alex 22:25(35)
Raj and Paul 27:10 (15/35,snake)

CFKOP iPad said...

Rich A. Tori. Kristen M (25/15/25#) 22:49

CFKOP iPad said...

Sheila. Terry. Teresa ( no plate )
Masters scale. No plate 23:48

Jason Lyons said...

Julie/Laura A: 26:54 (sc and rx)
Marge/Giuls: 25:51 (15# plate and rx)
Joe M/Katie P: 22:16 (sc)
Marci/Anne: 27:21 (sc...and Anne used a 15# plate!)

Stephanie Vincent said...

Bekah (15#)/Edwin(25) 22:28
Mary (12WB/10#)/Kevin (25) 26:49

Rach(rx)/Bria(14WB/35kb/10) 24:00
Danielle (50/sn)/Donna (Sn15)Giana (4) 29:00
AShley/Linds (15/sn)/Mike Co 26:54
Kris/Vicky 23:44 15

Keith B said...


AMM/Josh 27:43 15/35
Jelona 25:54 25
Tia/Steph Mc 26:26 25/15
Fayth/Steph C 25:27 15/15
Josh/Lex 26:27 25/15
Arya/Flounder/Alex T 29:49 10/15/15

Rachel Spring said...

Dave/Cline 28:44 (35, snake / RX)
Noel/Ryan DNF (Noel with solo finish)
Neil & Colin/Marissa "31 something" sc