Massage Therapist on site!

Please join us in welcoming Kristen Rubin, a licensed massage therapist to CFKoP. She will be taking time out of her busy schedule for a day at CrossFit King of Prussia.  On April 10th,  Kristen will be taking appointments from 12:30-7:00PM.

She is really amazing and has a lot of experience (the massage therapist for the Eagles, for one) check out her bio below.

Cost will be $100 for the hour or $140 for 90 Minutes. She will also provide biomechanical information about the patterns of your bodies and some corrective homework exercises.

If you would like to book an appointment you can email her at BetterBalancedLiving@gmail.com, 610-331-6184 or crossfitkop@gmail.com to set up your session.

Hello Crossfit Community! My name is Kristen, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a diverse 18 year background in Graduate Level Biomechanics, Personal Training, Pilates, Holistic Nutrition and Structural Integration. Before that I coached swimteam, softball and was a Civil Engineer, and I am a mother of four athletic teenagers.

My work is founded on the principle fact that every person can continue to excel and develop a Better Balanced way of moving, living and thriving. Optimum structural balance allows for stronger lifts, deeper core strength, better agility, and higher efficiency.

It is a fact that we wear our passions, and the activities that we enjoy most tend to shape our structure. With intense load bearing, we develop predictable patterns of movement that can create postural and functional deviations that, down the road of time, can cause injury and affect our movement efficiency.

In working with my clients, I strive to manually release restricted tissue allowing the joints to align correctly, and then I teach the clients how to change faulty patterns that could potentially lead to injury. I look for compensations in the body from past injury or postural deviations and take a global and local approach to help each individual achieve a higher level of their body’s awareness and find a Better Balanced way of moving. You Deserve a Better Balanced Life!

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