W.O.D. 11.18.14

Mobility class... 
 and a few of our athletes from Open Strength

Back Squat (10-rep Max)
Take NO more than 3 attempts after some warm up sets


For time:
500 Meter Row
20 Burpees
500 Meter Row
20 Burpees

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-Benjamin Franklin


Paul S said...

King 196/6:11

Paul S said...

Seshu 245/7:28 (82% of 1RM)
Farah 135/6:59 (82% of 1RM)
Jon P. 225/6:07 (75% of 1RM)
Nick C. 205/6:27 (84% of 1RM)

Nice Job today.
I wrote down what their % is off of their one rep max for the rest of you.
Hitting a set of 10 at 80% or higher is great. 80% is a good standard to try to reach, it is very challenging.
Ladies for the most part can hit higher rep sets at higher %'s of their 1RM compared to men.
So if ladies are around 85%, I would not be super surprised.
King was also at exactly 80%.
Do not warm up with sets of 10, instead do sets of 5 or so until you get to 70-75% for your first attempt at a 10RM, and then go from there depending on the difficulty of that 10.
Do not think your 3rd attempt will be the best, go for the 75-80%ish range on the second set, you will be wasted on your third attempt at 10.
Rest between sets of 10. I do not mean 1 min rest, I mean 3-5 Minutes rest. Make sure you are 100% and don't rush the reps. Its ok to stand for 3 sec or so between reps, make sure when you go down, you are getting back up. You don't want to fail on rep 7 or 8 because you tired to rush it.

Yeah, I like squatting, and used to do it often.. obviously.

Paul S said...

Kara 95/10:02
Christ 85/9:49
Georgy 165/6:24
Rich P. 175/9:35
Pete W. 225/5:42
Alona 135/8:08
Jen S. 45/6:44
Fran 75/9:10
Barb 85/9:44
Jonathan 235/7:25

Paul S said...

Joe G 225/8:32
Holly 105/9:06

Keith B said...


Justin 195πŸ€ 6:52
Regi 165 πŸ˜ƒπŸˆ 7:33
John Mc 205 6:32
Giuls πŸ˜„155 🎳 7:37
Tori 108πŸ˜€ 9:14
Ly 113 8:03
Eric 115 6:10
Rebecca 80 8:21
Sue 95 πŸ˜„ 7:45

Keith B said...


Marci 100 9:06
Karen 85 10:50
Greg A 95 6:57


Alejandra 115 8:15
Jeff 245 6:40
Jessie 118 7:04
Laura 125 6:41
Matt E 225 8:30