100 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75#) 
with a buy in of 7 Kettlebell Swings every minute on the minute (55/35#) 

Coaches Note:
Athletes can choose to do 150 reps but the time domain should remain sub 15 minutes

 "It's about the importance of living with a conviction that opportunities will appear. That your opponents, or your life, will give you opportunity. That what you need to do is prepare, prepare, practice, and practice. Opportunities favor those who are prepared in mind and body and courage." -Russell Redenbaugh


Stephanie Vincent said...

Becca 17:00 26/45/86reps
Kyle W 14:48 95#
Kathleen 14:40 55#
Klutch 12:52 Rx
KT 9:50 Rx
Ry 7:35 RX150

Brian 13:33 45/95
Rebecca 14:53 65
Lauren 15:00 75/78reps
Nick C 13:52 95
Alex 14:48 75/35

I cannot stress enough "knees out" External rotation of the knee not only allows you to drive through the heel (and therefore be efficient) it also is imperative to knee health. I saw a lot of knees caving in today...no bueno for that very essential joint.

Cate said...

930 & 12

Diane 9:54 rx
Faith 12:57 26/55
Fran 9:42 18/15
Sue 11:42 18/35
Ali 10:57 rx
Matt 12:56 rx
Jonathan 7:32 35/75
King 13:45 rx
Chip 14:35 rx
Susan 12:36 rx
Beth 9:00 9/15 - 150 reps
Alison K 6:48 rx
Cate 8:29 rx
Rinat 69 reps - 15:00 95 lbs
Chris Frey 81 reps rx 15:00
Tori 12:29 53/26
Rob Ph 10:38 rx
Manisha 14:39 35/26

Paul S said...

Think "Rotate" the knees out, rather than just pushing them out to the side. External rotation, and creating torque is imperative to maximizing your potential as well as longevity of the knees.

Chris P. said...

As indicated on the blog, we had a 15 min. time cap unless someone was very close to finishing. Weights are noted since "Rx" technically means also doing the work associated with the workout (not just the weight)

Fab 75@115
Roman 15:49 Rx
Dave 72@95
Sandy 60@55 in 7:00
Byrnsexy 41@115
Sharon 51@75
Ken 8:48 scale

Brett 68@115
Patrick 85@115
Mike C 75@75
Seshu 13:41 55#
Ryan P 86@75
Derreck 15:48 Rx
Luke 54@115/35
Stasie 52@45/26
Travis 71@95/45
Miranda 84@75/44

Some folks decided to also get on the leader board for some runs (400m, 800m), and rows. Congrats to Seshu, Roman, Mike Fab, and Ken for getting on the running boards, Travis for getting on the 500m row, and our teens, Tre for getting on the 400m board and Greg A for running a 2:19 800m. (and that's with a turnaround and uphills!)

Jason Lyons said...

The knee is not capable of externally rotation, the hip externally rotates. :)

Chris P. said...

erm...yes, the knee can be externally rotated. Maybe what you meant to say was "the knee cannot independently externally rotate from the femur." The leg as a system can internally and externally rotate.


now go spend time with your kids!

Gene said...

Just thought I'd throw this into the mix. "Knees out" and externally rotating the hips when getting set to squat, etc. cannot be achieved as easily in an athlete whose joints are "sticky", versus an athlete whose joint capsule is "loose". Setting the hips into the joint socket by external rotation is harder to achieve by an athlete who doesn't mobilize those areas frequently. Not to mention, they probably don't even know what it feels like if they've never put themselves through the pain of joint capsule mobility. This is why I have such a boner about it.

Jason Lyons said...

P, my comment was what was in quotes. The knee itself cannot internally rotate. Knees tracking in is a hip issue.

Jason Lyons said...

As in despite looking on google and finding videos claiming otherwise. The statement "external rotation of the knee" does not exist.