W.O.D. 9.23.11

Oakland SWAT Sergeant Daniel Sakai, age 35, was killed on March 21, 2009 in the line of duty along with fellow officers Sergeant Ervin Romans, Sergeant Mark Dunakin, and Officer John Hege.
Daniel is survived by wife Jenni and daughter Jojiye.

Rounds in 20 min of:

24"/21" box jump, 30 reps
115/75 pound push press, 20 reps
30 pull-ups

"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we can find in our travel is an honest friend."
-Robert Louis Stevenson


Mike P 2
Kristin T 2
Clay 3
Dorothy 2
Olan 3
Kevin 2
Keith 2
Peterson 2
Miranda 2
Aimee 3
Jason B 2
Shawn 2
Sam B 4
Rob Pl 3
Chris B 2
Vinny 3 (135#,25")
Kate 3
Tim 3
Tobin 3
Mike V 3


Jay E 2 (DC pull-ups)
Dan G 2 (95#/green)
Manny 1 (65#, green)
Tidmore 2 (75#/thin black)
Steve Z 2 (20# DBs/13"/black)
Becca N 2 (45#/green)
Pat P 2 (95#/black)
Dianne 2 (45#/13")
Oleg 2 (95#)
Kyle 2 (95#)
Jeff L. 2 (45#/blk)
Lee 3 (65/jump)
Tamas 2 (95/75)
Meg 2 (45/band)
Travis 2 (95)
Nina 2 DC-Pullup ROM
Donkey 2 DC - Stepups
JNa 3 (35)
Rachael 3 (45)
Denise 2 (45#)
Lizzie 3 (subpu/ringsdips)
Nathan 3 (25,bnd,13)
Akeem 2 (75,bnd,box)
Katie V. 2 (17/35/green)
Ben 2 (17/35/GB)
Lauren 2 (17/22/band)
Kathleen 2 (45/band)
Becky 2 (65)
Rob Ph 3 (20/band)
WW 2 (jumping)
Josh S. 2 (band)
Patrick 2 (DC)-Pullups

Flying Clay
Welcome to Jeff L!
Miranda visits the nooner!
Welcome to Kyle!
Box jumpers!


Jeff said...

6AM results:


Mike P 2
Kristin T 2


Jay E 2 (DC pull-ups)
Dan G 2 (95#/green)
Manny 1 (65#, green)
Tidmore 2 (75#/thin black)
Steve Z 2 (20# DBs/13"/black)
Becca N 2 (45#/green)
Pat P 2 (95#/black)
Dianne 2 (45#/13")
Oleg 2 (95#)

Outstanding effort this morning everyone!

Dorothy said...

Did they take it from the rack on the floor?

Kristin T: Thanks for setting the Rx bar for me. I was flirting with the idea of scaling, but now I think I'll just go for it.

Denise said...

Not sure if anyone caught this last night but FGB raised about $2.2 million worldwide. Pretty awesome.


donkey said...

Dorothy, what the heck were you thinking of scaling?

Nice numbers, 6am.

Jeff said...


Push presses came from the floor.

Melinda said...

I did FGB here in Austin with about 15 other affiliates at Camp Mabry (an Army base here) and there was a guy named Major Daniel Blackmon who had raised $17,000 while he was deployed. He told people who gave him money that for every thousand dollars he raised, he would do another round of FGB. He completed 17 rounds last Saturday - it was pretty amazing to watch!

Jason Lyons said...

while fantastic from an emotional standpoint, 17 rounds is horrific for your body. he will likely be out of commission for awhile, especially if giving it full intensity. that is a recipe for rhabdo.

Chris Tidmore said...


While yes it probably isn't great for your body neither are marathons, an ironman or any other ultra endurance races including those that involve some form of lifting.

I can't imagine the race I did this year where I cleaned 45lbs 2000x over 7 hrs would be considered good for my body, but the training is what allows me to do the races that break down my body.

I guess there would be two ways to look at it, either Crossfit/ training as a means to do something else potentially overtaxing or Crossfit/training as a means to be healthy and in-shape.

Why do I have a feeling I will pay for my insubordination.

Jason Lyons said...

No insubordination. Asking whether or not you are capable of doing it and whether or not you should be doing it are very different questions.

Too much of anything is a bad thing.

I approach this from a standpoint of mitigating the risk to which I expose my body...and by risk I mean potentially lethal damage.

All of the athletic endeavors that you mentioned give you a higher propensity to develop rhabdo than CrossFit. I believe that in doing what this guy did, he put himself at risk.

As someone that trains clients, I would never put someone through 17 rounds of FGB...it is not wise.

Megs said...

And those that train with Jason are thankful he'd never put them thru 17 rounds of FGB!

For endurance events or ultra-endurance you are trainng your body and mind for the work. And at times you move at a "go forever" pace. That pace does not exist in FGB, nor can you train for 17 rounds of it!

Cline said...

My takeaway from this is that doing 16 rounds of FGB is totally cool.


Borden said...

Will Football happen if there is rain Sunday?

Is there a community calender set up somewhere to help keep track of the events and special classes?

Charles said...

There is a guy in Brooklyn who has a popular blog and he used that to raise 23 grand last year and over 30 grand this year. Also, Christian Fox and Dave Osario decided to do it in a 20 pound vest and doing 15 burpees during the rest.

Here is the funny video from last year:

shoeless said...

If anyone didn't see, Coach Plentus wrote an insightful article about some of this stuff on his blog recently: http://chrispconstantlyvaried.blogspot.com/2011/09/obsession-with-epicness.html

Mike P said...

WTF is "rhabdo"? Is this some sort of CrossFit-speak which will be explained to me after my pledge period has ended.

donkey said...


it's very, very rare, but not unheard of in crossfit.

donkey said...

also: http://www.crossfitphotos.com/?p=2401

24 rounds of FBG...i would be dead.

Mike P said...

@ Donkey - um, yikes!

Chris Tidmore said...

Mike P,

I thought the same thing. I looked it up and after reading this article:


It makes it out to be that CrossFit is the only "intense" workout that could cause this. This is definitely not true. My inner geek did the math and the article talks about 18,000 ft-lb per minute of force which is about 400 watts and anyone who is a serious cyclist does this on a pretty regular basis during their high intensity workouts.

They talk about this amount of intensity for a few minutes but I have a cycling coach who averages the 400 watts for an close to an hour.

What I definitely agree with is that you need to train for what you are going to do by slowing increasing both the intensity and the period.

Jeff said...

Chris T.,

A thoughtful mathematical analysis, especially from an accountant! Rhabdo occurs in individuals who perform intense exercise when their muscles are not able to handle it. For example, someone who has never done GHD situps and goes for a set of 100 on their first time on the machine can easily get it, as can someone who is deconditioned (say after coming off a long illness) but is accustomed to a high level of intensity from when they were healthy and they go too hard upon their return to CrossFit. Not everyone will get it, but it's definitely not a good thing, to say the least.

17 rounds of FGB, 30 rounds of FGB, FGB while wearing a weight vest - very extreme stuff, could easily hurt even a well-conditioned athlete if they do it with the high intensity that the workout is designed for. My head hurts just thinking about it...

Jason Lyons said...

I know Mike, he is a good guy but with a score of 1300, you know the intensity is not there at the end.

For comparison, Miko has a score of 527 in 3 rounds....

just sayin'

Now THAT is sick!

There have been 7 cases of reported rhabdo in CF to my knowledge. In each case it was a person that has muscle definition that went as fast as they could out of the gate and then they were sore and came back for day 2-3-4.

This is just dumb and in each case, the athlete was male I am pretty sure.

Aimee Lyons said...

A lot to catch up on today on this blog!!!

Dorothy - you are just silly with the talk of scaling this WOD...nuf said.

Melinda- Hi!!! 17 rds is super crazy, intensity will certainly take a back seat on this to more of an endurance task.

Mike P... guess you failed to read that part of the waiver when you signed it :)

Borden- right now football is a go...Vinny will make the call by 9AM on Sunday if it will be cancelled due to weather, we are checking on the after party but that will most likely be a go no matter what the weather is!

For my own personal record keeping on this blog...I was three pull-ups away from 4 rounds on this evil WOD...it will haunt me until I do it again and revenge will be had. It was all those dips in the chalk bucket that slowed me down..haha!

Becky - A special thanks for getting the chalk for the 4:30/5:30 & 6:30 crew.

Gang - if you haven't checked out the Westside class yet, you are missing out...make sure to get there, this stuff is LEGIT!

donkey said...

Thanks for the plug, Aimee! Let's murder those hamstrings again soon :)