WAM 10 & Bench Off

CFKoPers -- we have a two special contests about to begin...with a very special prize for the winner of each challenge (to be announced on 10/15) - prize is valued at $600.00.

1. WAM 10 - You must follow the Zone and Weigh and Measure "WAM" for 10 days straight 10/4 to 10/13. Record a journal documenting all your food choices and measurements and hand it in on 10/14 (via written journal or online spreadsheet to crossfitkop@gmail.com), the winner will be announced on Saturday, 10/15 at 11AM at the "bench off". Aimee will run a kick off meeting at 5:30PM on Monday 10/3 in the lobby...you do not have to attend the meeting in order to compete. But you should review this Zone in the CrossFit Journal 21.

2. The Bench Off: Inspired by Jay E and Chris S. We will run two challenges and the score combined will determine the official Bench champion!

- 1RM for weight, 5 attempts allowed
- Max Reps at body weight, one attempt allowed

Following this competition on 10/15 at 11AM (during the strength class) Jay and Tori will be hosting a party at their house...details to follow.

All CrossFit KoP members are welcome to compete at one or both challenges.


Dorothy said...

I would like to compete in the WAM-10 Challenge. Do I have to use blocks, or can I use the macronutrient values instead?

Aimee Lyons said...

We are going hard core with Blocks Dorothy :)

Megs said...

Is there a preferred spreadsheet or format you'd like submissions in for ease of review?

Dorothy said...

ok. Anyone know how many blocks are in a marshmallow? (Ha Ha! Just kidding)

donkey said...

what is the difference between blocks vs. macronutrient values, for the uninitiated?

Chris P. said...

a block is just a way to define a certain amount of each macronutrient, keeping a ratio of 40%CHO/30%PRO/30%FAT for caloric load. 1 block of carb = 9g, protein 7g, and fat 1.5g (assuming 1.5 g of fat is in each block of protein)

Most people eat between 3-5 blocks at regular means, 1-2 blocks for snacks.

The link Aimee posted has a good intro to the Zone and popular foods listed with their block values.

Aimee Lyons said...

Megs -nope...good ole handwriting works too!

Jon Schell said...

I'm game.

dishes said...

For the bench off.....will your body weight to max weight lifted be accounted for in part one? In other works if 175lb person lifts 300lbs vs a 225lb lifting 300lbs who wins?

Kevin B.