Birthday Burpees for Danielle.
"Whew, glad she's only 12!"
Happy Birthday Danielle!!

W.O.D. 12.10.08
Power Cleans

CrossFit Kids W.O.D.
DB Thrusters 8lb DB
Danielle 8:20

CrossFit Hampton Roads presents "Estrogen": [wmv] [mov]
-watch to the end of the Video, even if you aren't interested in the partner WOD.

Jason 150
Tim 195
Hannah 85
Doug 175
Joe 225 *nice PR!
Danielle 90
Lisa 85
Paul 135
Jeff 125
Doreen 90
Jeff S. 195

"Your never too old to become younger."


Jason Lyons said...

I owe birthday burpees. I will do them when I get home.

Just an FYI to everyone that we will be adding more equipment this weekend so the KoP collection will continue to grow.

Danielle said...

Congrats on the new space Aimee! You guys have done an amazing job with the space.

Anonymous said...

what equipment?! i don't like surprises!

Happy Birthday Danielle!! i wish i had crossfit when i was a kid!

Did you have enough bumper plates for joe? thats insane!

ps. aim, i need a crazy workout on friday after my pitiful performace today! think of something good! :)