2009 Schedule.
Monday 5:30PM/6:30PM
Tuesday 5:30PM/6:30PM
Wednesday 6:00AM
Thursday 6:00AM
Friday 5:30/6:30PM
Saturday 12:00PM/1:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM/10:00AM

12/29/08- 5:30PM/6:30PM
12/30/08- open gym 7:30PM
12/31/08- 6:00AM
1/1/09 closed-"Happy New Year"
1/2/09- above schedule begins


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the new schedule....CrossFit every day of the week! Now I can get my Saturday morning runs in, then come to CrossFit!

Miranda said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for adding the Saturday afternoon classes. Will there be any "open gym" nights Wed, or Thursdays if we can't make any of the other nights/days.

Ugh, I am so embarrased of my 3 rnds, time up top. I can't bare to look at!

No more holidays off!