Intensity in Intervals.
W.O.D 11.20.08
Wall Balls (14/20)
KB Swings (25/35)
Jump Rope
Mt. Climbers
Paralette Push-Ups
Jump Squats
Step Ups (20/30)

Philadelphia Cares

"It is within the experience of everyone that when pleasure and pain reach a certain intensity they are indistinguishable"
Arnold Bennett


Aimee Lyons said...

Great work both 5:30 and 6:30 classes!!! I have to say the 6:30 picture featured in this entry was a little better over the 5:30...hummmm. And yes, that is Jen C. on the top, she does come to CrossFit KOP!

Jason Lyons said...

We didn't know we could do more. Considering the fact that 530 is infinitely stronger than 630, we could have done something much cooler! A rematch I dare say.

Anonymous said...

Go Wolfie (jen c)! you rock!

Big O said...

That's kind of a kinky statment....the pain and pleasure thing.... I like it!!!