anyone curious...

as to what tonight's workout is?...I know, you are all sitting at your desk checking the CrossFit websites, right!? Well if you do happen to check here's a little surprise for you. You will have your choice tonight of the following:

BB Thrusters (95/65)


Over Head Squats(95/65)
Knees to Elbows

so the results of tonight started with the fact that EVERYONE wanted to do 'Fran'...and I mean EVERYONE, we had a HUGE turnout tonight, so thanks to all the consistent and new CrossFitters who joined us...we were 21 strong tonight!

Jon 70-11:50
Michael 80-10:34
Jeff 95/85-12:30
Lisa 55-10:04
Miranda 55-10:00
Doreen Rxd-9:10
Nicole 55-8:21
Kim 45-8:50
Shawn 80-12:52
Bob 65-13:48
Jason Rxd-9:39 *nice new PR...that was a far cry from the 21 minutes before!
Paul 80-9:31
Jen C. 30-11:30
Hannah Rxd-9:44
Tim P 80-7:23
Jen 55-5:30
Laura 45/55-10:26
Tim M Rxd-10:45
RC 65-9:13
Danielle 55-9:35
Mar 45-6:40
Aimee Rxd-5:39


Anonymous said...

Ha ha that is so funny!! I was hoping you would put the workout up!!!

Appalachian Athlete said...

Doug Rxd - 8:05. Pushed hard but missed pr by 0:32.