Rock Climbing...

To answer many questions, this picture, which was on the CrossFit HQ Main Page yesterday, was taken at the High Rocks located in Ralph Stover State Park, Bucks County PA. Thanks for all the compliments and constructive rock climbing criticisms! I must say though, it was my first time out...but with the 10 physical skills we build doing CrossFit (Cardio-respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Agility, Accuracy, Power and Speed) it was a breeze! My friend climbing near by snapped the shot and whew, all those pull-ups sure did pay off when I was half way up and couldn't find a spot for my feet! It's fantastic to take what we gain from CrossFit and apply it in a practical sense...There's no way prior to CrossFit that I could have scaled the wall with the strength and speed which I did...I'm pretty sure it should have been for time?! Wasn't it? Remember, CrossFit is broad and general fitness and I challenge all of you to take what you gain from class outside or into any practical application and see truly the results you have gained!


Unknown said...

Nice photo on the Crossfit HQ blog!
Tara (now in san antonio)

Aimee Lyons said...

Thanks Tara! Jen stopped in today, thanks again for the referral!