Fight Gone Bad

3-One Minute Rounds at Each station and one minute rest between rounds

Rowing is measured with calories
Wallball uses a 20lb medicine ball to an 8’target (14lb for ladies)
SDLHP is done with 75lb barbell (55 for ladies or 53lb KB)
Box Jump uses a 20” tall box standing to full leg extension Push Press is with a 75lb bar taken from a rack (55 for ladies)
Score the total number of reps and calories for each exercise.

Tim P. 256
Laura P. 193
Joe- 160
Tim M.-200
Lisa - 184
Paul - 225
Jeff H. - 178
Doreen- 231


Anonymous said...

That was the longest 18 minutes ever!! Glad I wasn't a math major - my count was way off!!!! A little too early in the morning to use my brain!!

Anonymous said...

thanks, you are making me look forward to it. lol.

in other news, our teacher is a celebrity. she made the front page on www.crossfit.com. check her out.

congrats aimee!!!

Jay C said...


Nice pic on home page. Where was it taken and surprised your climbing without a helmet, or did I miss it.

Train On


Anonymous said...

Where is this pic from?


It really reminds me of some climbs I've done in the Red River Gorge in KY and it would be crazy if that's where this was.

Mike Newman said...

this shit sounds crazy! of course ... you never actually went into the ring in hoboken. nine minutes and you'll be seeing a different god ... i promise.

keep up the good work. (i still hate swiss ball work)