Go Phils!!!

In honor of the Phillies we played some CrossFit Baseball today!
Successfully rounding the bases equals 1 run! BAD form sends you back to Home Base...
30 minutes to round the bases as many times as possible!

1st Base-10 Push-ups
2nd Base- 10 Squats
3rd Base- 10 Burpees
Home-10 Reps of a random movement...selected by Aimee
Teams could select their name as well as line up. I selected the teams!

Phils-(Jeff H., RC, Nicole, Hannah) 15 runs
NSB- (Jason, Lisa, Tonya, Jeff) 15 runs
We love 'Fran'- (Paul, Doreen, Shawn, Kim, Miranda) 16 runs
XF-(Tim P., Tim M., Laura) 16 runs

so...we had a tie...between We love 'Fran' and XF

We love 'Fran'-picked from the Hopper Deck and got to select Thursday's WOD
XF-got to pick from the Hopper Deck and selected the Wed. AM WOD

Way to go everyone! Awesome team work and spirit!

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