W.O.D. 2.3.21


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6 AM 
Meeting ID: 808492185
zoom password 321go

Meeting ID:88548453602
zoom password 321go

5 Rounds:

2:00 AMRAP
3 Bar Muscle Ups 
6 Toes to Bar 
9 Strict Handstand Push-ups 
12 Pistols 

Rest 2:00 between rounds

record total reps

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
 ― Paulo Coelho


Aimee Lyons said...

Dana H 132 (6 strict HSPU per rd)

Jenna said...

Meredith 183 (2ab per rd, pu, rom, curtsy pistol)
Pam G 118 (1ab)
Dana D 137 (2ab, pistol rom)
Leigh 176 (ttb rom, box hspu 6-9-12, curtsy pistol)
Brian H 152 rx
Rich A 188 rx
Carl B 186 rx
Matty Bo 165 (bmua, rom ttb, hspu sc)
Lea W 122 (35# plate, ab, 6 hspu, 1bmu =] )
Geoff 161 (Strict pu, ttb, seated press, 3/3 pistols plate)

Colette said...

David A 150 kip seings/2 mats
Donna G 163 h2b/rom/3 mats/box
Laura S 174 h2b/rom/3 mats
Jamie S 141 h2b/1 mat
Mark S 126 1 bmu/2 mats/box
Johnathan 115 box pistols
Roberto 196 rx
Yex 188 h2b/2 mats/box

Ana C 162rx
Libby 150 rr/rom/knee push ups/tucked foot pistol
Ben B 144 h2b/strict rom ttb/Stink Bugs/Tucked foot pistols
Danielle C 163 transitions/rom/SB/17 in box pistols
Gia 145 h2b/rom/2 mats/box
Leah 120 banded pull ups/knees to baby/sb/tucked foot pistols
Kevin :) welcome to CF KOP!!!
Ryan 172 2 mats
Annette 202 banded pull ups/rom/3 mats/box
Bhargav 184 h2b/rom/sb/box
Cate 168 h2b+St. Pull ups/ttb and Vups/Sb
Tyler 234 SB
Dan 90 some BMU/3 mats

Manisha said...

Brian S 117 (last Rd- sc, bench pistols)
Aimee L 179 Rx
Cate K 147 Rx
Meighan 161 C2B,1ab+10#plate
Colette 154 V-up,2ab
Mike Mel 158 Rx
Julia C 155 BMUA, ROM, 1abm
Kevin B 96 plate+1ab
Mike S 133 C2b att, KR, Box HSPU, sc pistols
Greg A 147 1abm
Theresa L 187 Pull ups, 1abm, lunges
Anna C 242 barbell pulls, V-ups, seated press @15#,Lunge
Kate C 166 Pullups, ROM, 25DB, Bench Pistols
Subhan 133 2BMU, 6HSPU, 1abm air squats
Mak 170 C2B, ROM, 2ab