W.O.D. 10.5.20


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Every year, CrossFit King of Prussia hosts an in-house competition to crown the fittest members of the gym; with the top male and female being named King and Queen for the year. In addition to bragging rights, the King and Queen receive a crown to wear at their discretion and their names will be forever engraved our the King and Queen trophy. While we may not be able to have a gigantic throw down in the gym, we can certainly still have fun in what has proven to be our best event all year. We will be running this competition similar to the OPEN; each Monday in October in all classes, you will have time to complete the workout with a judge, athletes get one attempt at this workout. It must be done on Monday before 10 PM. We will accept a video submission if you are out of town.

The KING AND QUEEN of Prussia WOD #1

WOD 1: “March 2020”. There are rumors of a plague coming to town and emotions span the gamut. Some wave their hands in dismissal but others are trembling in fear. Where will you stand at the end of the 
workout…making plans for the evening or on the ground gasping for air? 

 Complete 21-15-9 of:

Box Jumps (20”/24”)
Assault Bike Calories

 Watch out for that box…it’s got teeth!

“A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.” 
– Dalai Lama


Manisha said...

Kevin B 8:52 Rx
Danielle 10:26 Rx
Mak 9:37 Ring rows
Brian S 6:57 Rx
King 9:56 Rx
Mike S 14:15 Rx
Mike M 6:22 Rx
Mike C 10:32 Rx
Sara N 9:42 Rx
Ben M 11:14 Rx
Karen M 9:15 Rx
Laura S 13:56 ROM Pullups
Kate C 9:55 Step Ups/15-12-9 Pull ups
Susan A 11:54 Step Ups

Manisha 12:52 Rx

Theresa L 13:00 Schwinn Bike
Anna C 9:34 10"/45# Bentover Rows/26-20-14cals C2

12p Zoom
Geoff 14:13 20"/42-30-18 DUA
Ina 11:44 18"/42-30-18 Dubs/40# BO Rows

Jenna said...

Rich a 6:51 rx
Carl b 5:47 rx
Jess a 9:31 (rr, c2 bike, step)
Matt bo 10:15 rx
Sam bo 6:23 rx
Ana c 9:33 rx
Pam g 9:02 rx
Mary h 11:13 c2 bike
Kevin h 7:35 rx
Dana h 11:06 rx
Jill h 14:20!4,
Leah m 12:31 rx
Micah 7:22 rx
Yex 13:38 rx
Lea w 9:10 rr
Jenna 9:32 rx
Brian h 6:47 rx
Pete d 8:03 rx

Aimee 8:31 rx
Cate 8:56 rx

Jenna said...

Joe s 7:35 rx
Randy 6:47 rx
Keith b 8:47 rx
Josh mc 6:57 rx
Remer 4:50 rx
Dave h 7:06 rx
Natalie de 12:43 (7/5/3 band)
Mike mit 9:50 rx
Sal 8:24 (band/ step)
Joe c 8:55 rx
Mae 8:56 (17”, c2, step)
Karen mas 10:58 (17” c2)
Joe m 12:42 rx
Donna 11:40 rx
Grace t 11:25 (rr/ pu)
Gianfranco 7:32 rx
Olan 9:05 rx
Laura a 10:19 rx
John mc 9:03 (4/5/3 pu)

Greg a 8:31 rx
Dana d 8:35 rx
Alex b 12:45 (17”)
Jerry 12:02 (squats)
Bhargav 12:11 rx
Jamie sp 8:27 rx
Chris l 7:45 rx
Meighan 8:26 (17”, c2, step)
Ben b 12:31 rx
Danielle c 10:19 ring rows
Beenash 15:55 (13”)
Samson 7:27 rx
Jess s 12:43 rx
Laura st 11:20 (13” step, c2)
Sarah j 12:04 (1/2 band, rr)
Nishanth 14:20 rr
Mark sp 8:51 rx
Ryan p 7:47 rx
Ana s 11:15 rx
Nick c 12:20 (20”, 1/2 pu)

Natalie D said...

I don’t see me on there! I got 9:28 Rx

Jackie Halpern said...

9:52 (21" step ups, dubs 42-30-18, bent rows 63#)

Aimee Lyons said...

King and Queen WOD 1
Kathy H 9:43 5" JPU
Anne B 12:05 row/band/13"
Jerry T 8:59 20"
Gordy 9:20 20"
Terry J 11:37 13"
Barb C 10:23 5" band

Manisha said...

12p Zoom
Anne (Nasty Nancy)
21:52 33#/100 Single unders