King and Queen of Prussia

Congratulations to all the participants of the 2020 King and Queen of Prussia, slightly different from previous years, but we did our best coming out of a nationwide pandemic! 

Congratulations to our winners and this years King and Queen of Prussia, Sam Bowen and Jamie Spak!

Stop by to get your photos and crowns on Saturday between 9 -11am!

The "spirt of the games" or "Court Jester" will go to Pam G. and Dave H. who are always ready to show up for a FULL send...and support everyone else around them. 


1. Jamie Spak

2. Cate Kelly

3. Marissa Alpaugh

4. Ana Costa

5. Bridget Reiser


1. Sam Bowen

2. Mike Remer

3. Rich Andrews

4. Brian Strauss 

5. Carl Beigler

Peep the final results below....

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