October Athlete of the Month: Ben Berry

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Current Location: East Norriton, PA

Age: 33

Occupation: Audio Content Supervisor (Podcast Producer)

College: Liberty University

How long have you been a CrossFitter? I’ve been a CrossFitter for almost a year now (October 18th will be one year), but I’ve dabbled in CrossFit here and there since 2015.

Did you ever play sports? I played football, basketball, soccer and ran track in school. I played volleyball on a recreation team in middle school and high school.

Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you'd like to share? I wouldn’t consider these cool, but I volunteer at homeless shelter and serve dinner there on Saturdays. I do like to travel, before the pandemic, I had plans to visit Buenos Aires, Cape Town, and Montreal this year. I love going to the movies, so I will see nearly anything in theaters. I haven’t done it for several years now, but I used to DJ. I did it for 7-8 years, it helped pay for college.

What has been your biggest achievement at CrossFit in general? Does showing up and swallowing my pride count? Scaling down from RX and acknowledging my limits has been huge. Although I still have a way to go, I can overhead squat now, which I couldn’t do a year ago. Hitting a 403lb deadlift was pretty dope. Jenna forced me to do a handstand pushup the other week, I got my first chest to bar and rope climb a few weeks before that.

What skill have you been working on during 2020? All of them? Double unders, overhead squats, and handstand pushups.

Goals for the rest of this year? Continue to work on my nutrition, deadlift 400lbs again, clean 225, bench 300, squat 350 for reps, and not be out of breath from a 400m run. To RX Fran.

What's your favorite WOD? I don’t think I have a favorite form of torture yet….

How about your favorite food/snacks? French toast, carrot cake, bacon cheese burger, macaroni & cheese, salmon, sweet potato fries, steelhead, cod, dried mangos…. I used to laugh at people that ate avocado toast, but I had it for the first-time last month and it is bangin.

What is the craziest workout outside of CF you have ever done? I ran a half marathon 5 years ago and it still ranks as one of the dumbest things I’ve done.

What’s your least favorite WOD? Anything with running or burpees. Nicole and Fran. Nicole because of the running. Fran because of the lie of it not being “that bad.”

Favorite lift/movement? Squats, hands down. Nothing as great as a good squat day. Hitting depth and standing back up with weight on your shoulders/back is an amazing feeling.

What’s your least favorite lift/movement? Running, burpees, and gymnastic movements.

What’s your favorite piece of workout "gear"? My lifters or knee sleeves.

What do you say is your biggest improvement since starting CF? My endurance. Who is your favorite coach? This is a trick question, so I’ll go with the coach that isn’t yelling at me, telling me to keep chipping or the coach who isn’t coaching the class I’m in at the time.

PR's to mention? Goals Reached? Nutrition highlights? I’ve PR’ed power cleans, overhead squats, bench press and deadlifts. I’ve been eating better, and several coaches have mentioned how it looks like I slimmed down. I’m still working on not eating everything in sight, which is a work in progress haha

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