W.O.D. 8.6.18


"The BEAR Complex" 
 You have 5 rounds to find your max weight at: 
Power Clean 
Front Squat 
Push Press 
Back Squat 
Push Press 
These exercises must be done in succession without putting the bar down for seven times through the sequence. You may rest as needed between rounds. Contact with the floor must be touch-and go during sequences. Rest anywhere but the floor. Record weight for all 5 rounds. 

Click Here to compare to results from 2.15.18
Click Here to compare to results from 5.10.18

Community Note:
Join us on Wednesday, 8/8 for Bootcamp at 5:30pm

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best." 
 - St. Jerome


Manisha said...

Jeremy D 65-75-95-125-95
Brian S 95-115-125-105-95
Kevin B 115-95-95-75-65
Mike San 70-80-90-100 (PR)-75
King 95-115-135(x)-115-95
Sean S 125-145-165(x)-155(x)-125
Susan A 65-70-75(x)-70(x)-65

Nice work, early AM crew!

Jenna said...

Manisha 55-65-65
Mark S 75-95-115PR-125-95
Jamie S BC75 then DL/PWRCLN/HNGPWRCLN/FS/FS 95/105/115x/95

Laura S 33-55-70PR-75PR-65
Kevin L 65085-95x-105x-95
Neil Do 75-95-115-135PR-95
Anna C PWRCLN/FS/PP/FS/PP 33/55/65x


Jenna said...

Suzanne 55/60/65/70/75/80(3)
Julie r 55/65/75/85/95(6)
Barb z 15/25/35/40/45 (17” box)
Cam h 75/85/95/105/115/120/125
Jonathan t 75/95/135/145(4)/145(6)
Now s 95/115/175
Danielle g 75/95/100x/75/65

Jenna said...

Jilla 65/95/110x/105x/ 75
Jp 75/95/115/135x/115
Tim w 75/95/135/115 welcome back!!
Alex tun65/75/85x
McHugh “did Work”- 90
Mark c 75/95/105/120 pr
Mark p 95/105/115/125

Evie said...

Braden 75-95-115-125-95
Karen SA Dbell 25-30-35-40-x
Shawna 55-65-80x-65-x
Keith 75rx-95-115-135 (cluster)
Laura 55-75-95-105(5)-100(6)
Rob 75-95-115-115(5)-115(5)
Kyara 55-55-55-65-70(4)
Steph 55-65-75-55-x
Fayth 55-65-77x-75x-x
Matt 75-95-105-105-115
Jeff 45-95-115-135-155(4)

Manisha said...

Marissa 55/75/95/85/55
Cherie 35/40/45/50
Brian z 75/95/115x/95/95
Caitlyn 55/60/65/70x
Erik 65/75/85/95/110x
Joe m 65/75/85/95
Michal :)
Greg 75/85/95/100
Courtney 65/75/80/85x/85x
Julius 35/35/35/35/35
Becky 55/65/70/75x/70
Monsoor 105
Adam 75/85/95/115/135

Rachel Spring said...

BAC Dudes After Dark!

Greg 75/85NR/85 PR!/95NR/95NR
Alan 15/35/35/35/35 (Hang)
Esra 55/70/75/80NR/80 PR!
Michael Roth 65/75/85PR!/95NR
Dave 75/95/105/115/tired
Kate S 65/70/75 PR!/70/70
Chuck 75/85/95/105 PR!/115 NR
Phani 65/75/95/105/115 PR!
Neil 75/95/115/135 PR!/65
Nancy 35/45/50/55 Pr!/45
Adam 75/95/105 PR!/95/75
Missy 55/60/65/65 PR!/55
Matt 37/47/57/57/62 PR!
Alex 55/60/65/70/75 PR!
Emily 50/55/60/60/60 PR!

Stephanie Vincent said...

taylor 75-95-115-135x-135x
Nikki M 55-65-75-85-95x-65
Abby M 35-45-50-55-45
Mary H 33-55-65-70-55
Kevin t 65-75-105x-105
Tim h 75-95-115x-110x-100x
Alona K 55-65-75-85-90PR!
Dana D 55-65-75-85x-65
Pete d 65-75-85
Julia M 15-35-45-35-15
Cal A 75-95-115-135-145

John t 75-85-100-110-120
Holly F 33-55-60-65-55
Nicole M 55-65-70-75-55
Evie B 65-95-110-115x-105x