Steve's Club King of Prussia


In May we received 190 check ins for our charity Steve’s Club King of Prussia! 

We need you to help us by donating 10 cents for every check in we received last month! 

Just $19 to help CrossFit King of Prussia’s very own non-profit, Steve’s Club King of Prussia.

 The truth is our bank account for Steve’s Club is starting to run low and just over the next month we need to pay $500 to send Johnathan to leadership camp, register athletes for national weightlifting meets and purchase uniforms.

 Please help us by making a tax deductable donation to support our program!

 You can do so by visiting our Go Fund Me page. https://www.gofundme.com/stevesclubkop

 We will continue to announce the amount of check ins each month up until our 10 year anniversary in September, with the hopes you can help us by making a donation each month. We need your help to ensure we can continue to provide fitness and community for local kids that could otherwise not afford it.


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