W.O.D. 12.24.16

FREE Friends and Family workout today at 10:00AM

Teams of 4 Complete the following for time: 
Team member 1 and 2 simultaneously complete a 200M run and in relay fashion they come back to tag Team member 3 and 4. When Team member 3 and  4 return from the 200M run they tag and 2 who now run a 400M run, upon their return they tag 3 and  4 who complete the 400M run. As of now each athlete has completed a 200M and a 400M...the above sequence will be followed again until all athletes complete 2 - 200M runs and 2 - 400M runs. The time stops once the athletes finish the run...

 ...when all athletes are finished a new timer starts, all 4 athletes must complete a total of:
100 Burpees
200 Air Squats 
300 Kettlebell Swings (35/55#)
2000 Meter Row
(two athletes can work at once, while one is on the Rower)

Score will be total time of the run and the metcon at the end.
for example 10:18/9:29

Advent Day 24--Last day!
Max number of Kettlebell Swings without putting the KB down!

Community Notes:

Today's Schedule
10:00am Friends and Family Workout and (Free Babysitting)
10:00am Open Strength (Annex)

tomorrow 12/25....we will be CLOSED for the Holiday.

"Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."
 -John Wooden



Aimee Lyons said...

Twinnie/Dad/Cline/Mariana 13:58/16:40
DanaD/Mel/Steve/Ben/Shane 13:00/14:05
Faith/Steph/Ash/Danielle/G 14:52/17:10
Chris/Michael/Mike/David 12:16/15:20

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