Ballots will be available at the box tomorrow...Who will you pick?

1) Water Works Award: The athlete most likely to need a pee break directly before starting a WOD (“Are we really starting in a minute? Nope, I just said that for the water works…you actually have 5 minutes.”

2) Gazelle Award: The athlete most likely to bail on a warm-up and simply do the WOD (“Do you need a few minutes? Nope, I just put my shoes on so I can gazelle this thing.”

3) Gandalf Award: An older athlete that is far more powerful than he or she seems. (“I thought I had that one until Gandalf came out of nowhere and did 30 unbroken snatches.”)

4) Rain Man Award: The athlete that demonstrates impressive math skills despite deep in a conditioning WOD (“What round are we even in? We are currently in round 12 and at our current pace; we will finish at 35:47 give or take 10 seconds. Wow, thanks Rain Man.”)

5) Chalk Monster Award: The athlete most likely to have chalk everywhere; on their hands, wrists, face, legs, etc. (“Hey Chalk Monster, be careful, I still see some skin”)

6) Black Out King Award: The Coach that participates in a class then immediately coaches the following class, potentially resulting in 10 minutes of complete incoherence (“What are we doing for our warm-up? What, huh, just row for awhile.”)

7) Warm-Up Warrior Award: The athlete that considers it imperative to “win” the warm-up (Warm-up Warrior just set a PR on the 400m jog…he’s outside puking.”)

8) Gone Green Award: The athlete that reaches levels of intensity only dreamed of by most (“Did you see that, homeboy just went green and scared the hell out of everyone.”)

9) Gear Whore Award: The athlete that takes more time putting on gear than they do performing the WOD (“Think I have time to blow my nose? No doubt, Gear Whore still has 15 things to put on.”)

10) Down and Dirty Award: The athlete demonstrating absolutely no filter in any aspect (“Did they just say what I think they did? Probably, they always go down and dirty.”)

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Aimee Lyons said...

Congrats to the winners
Water works - Alona
Gazelle - Rich A
Gandalf - Gordy
Rain Man - Dave
Chalk Monster - Dana
Black out King - Keith B
Warm Up Warrior- Flounder
Gone Green - John Mc (Mr. Intensity)
Gear Whore - Alona
Down and Dirty - Giulia