W.O.D. 5.9.16

Pausing Front Squats

(build to a heavy single with a 2 second pause at the bottom)
then...use 70% of the 1 RM to complete the following

each set of three consists of a 6 second hold at the top and a 5 second hold at the bottom...each set of three should take about 45 seconds. Rest only 2 Minutes between sets.

Community Notes:
On Friday night 5/13 we are having a FREE Health and Wellness OPEN House at 6:00PM. 
**Friends and Family are welcome. 
Aimee Lyons and Dr Kevin Turner will be on hand as well as coaches to talk about:
Health Care
Leaky Gut
 Body Composition
 Remember: 80 % of your outcomes come from 20% of your inputs...The small tweaks you can take to improving your nutrition can make a BIG difference.

 I hope you all can join us and bring some friends and family to check out the gym!

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." 
—Lao Tzu


Tim P said...

Ben M 145/115
King 165/115
Laura Alt 135/95
Theresa 125/90
Kevin B 200/145
Mike S 160/112
Manisha 85/60
Matt R 145/110
Justin D 165/115
Mike Sim 225/135

Mike C 135/95
Jon P 245/170

Aimee Lyons said...

Rich A 290/ 205
Jess A 115/80
Mary H 105/73
Jackie 165/115
Meggan 123/83

Stephanie Vincent said...

12:15 Express
Pam 150/105
Meredith 113/83
Therese 123/83 (5sets)
Tim H 255
Joe M 145/105
Rob C 245PR/165
Denise 165/105

CFKOP iPad said...

Julie 135/95
Erik F 235/165
Keith 345/245

Stephanie Vincent said...

Jill A 185/130
Mike Re 205/140

Shawna 135PR/95
Melissa M 105/75
Ale 113/80
Molly 103/73
Mike F 245/170
Tia 135/95
Alex T 85/60

Aimee Lyons said...

Danielle 140/98
Kris 140/98
Cline 215/150
Neil 225/1155
Matt 215/150
Borden 235/165
Brian 185/135
Bob 165/115
Rehman 105/75
Raj 195/135
Amanda 115/83
Nicole 85/63
Jill H 110/73
Ryan A 355/245 (375 x1 - no pause) took a spot on the PR board!

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