The OPEN Teams are below: If you want a T-shirt or Tank please let your team leaders know, they will be about $20 and orders will be due ASAP! Your team color will be the color of the shirt, the orange featured is only a mock up! If you still want to sign up it's not too late! Last minute sign ups will be added to teams in the order in which they come in. If you have a Facebook account and aren't on our community page please let us know and we will make sure to invite you to be a part of it!

Aimee/Giulia (Tequila Sunrise Team (blend of Red and Orange)
Cate Kelly
Matt Erbe
Josh Bell
Megan Leigh
Laura Altimari
Kevin McDevitt
Justin Riddell
Kristin Lymych
Jen Solt
David Harriger
Diane Pino
Alex Lutsik
Jill Hilliard
Jon Pistilli
Manisha Sheth
Alison Karoleski

Alex R
Steph C
Jonathan S
Jason/Rachel (Green Team)
Jonathan Pang
Keith Halpern
Peter Withstandley
Shawna Pini
Nick Ceccarelli
Danielle Gambone
Michal Komemi
Mike Santivasaci
Alona Khuisidman
Justin Durst
Jeff Ball
Steve Zipf
Theresa Landewe
Patrick Pendergast
Chris Cline
Panos Boudouvas
Ben Mell
Mary Hain
Barb Cavanaugh
Keith/Jenna (Black Team)
Ashley Bevington
Mariana Rivera
Pam Gulotta
Lauren Heslin
Jillian Archibald
Ashley McCleod
Regina Burdo
Tim Hennessy
Kevin Bray
Therese Wilson
Ryan Samson
Matt Coyle
Jason Borden
Chris Differ
Joe Comly
Erik Ford
Mike Remer
Kevin Hain
Anne Brinton
Gordy/Stephanie (Purple Crush Team)
Daniel Faby
Michael Coveney
Mike Simonson
Amanda West
Jackie Halpern
Melissa Maxwell
Dana Dilullo
Sarah Weber
Luis Maldonado
Jess Andrews
Briana Koza
Jodilee Gazzo
John McHugh
Rebekah Muldowney
Matt Bohen
Lauren Close
Rob Canfield
Terry Jamieson
Mike Rothschild
Clayton/Tim (Blue team)
Rich Andrews
Sarah Schwager
Laura Pappas
Brian Taney
Adam Spinozzi
Julie Reimers
Olan Schultz
Stephanie McGovern
Dave Nichols
Christine Stinson
Ryan Anthony
Stacie Fretz
Erika Lehmer
Josh Pastor
Alicia-Marie Moore
John Luckini
Vania Gollatz
Jill Herman
TJ Nelson

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