Snatching Helen: 
3 Rounds for time of 
400 Meter Run 
21 Power Snatches (55/75#) 
12 Pull-ups 

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." 
-Albert Einstein

Balmer 12:46 Rx
Faby 11:49 Rx
Jess 22:29 Rx
Jim 18:00 (65#)
Rebecca 19:35 (MF)
BJ 16:10 Rx
Faby 9:09 (regular Helen Rx)
Dan 14:23 Rx
Holly 20:20 (r rounds, rowing, form, green band)
Erika 19:56 (scale pull-ups)
Oleg 18:24 Rx
Tracy 18:32 (35#, green)
WW 21:35 scale
Megs 16:45 Rx
Arin 23:04 (53#, green)
Kim 20:50 (45#, skinny black)
Rachael 18:50 (45#)
Kim C. 14:34 (40#, 2 rounds)
John C. 11:43 Rx
Stasie 23:04 (35#, black band)


Megs said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Bob Whitehead said...

Is the website correct? Are WOD's being run as regularly scheduled on the 4th? I'm in if so, just want to confirm.

Aimee Lyons said...

Bob - nope, sorry - ONLY a 10AM on the 4th of July. Friends and Family are welcome.

Bob Whitehead said...

Gotcha thanks. I didn't figure there would be classes at all. Everybody deserves to be with friends and family on this great day!

King said...

do we start 6 am tomorrow?

Aimee Lyons said...

King - Yeppers! It's all set in MindBody and 6 athletes have signed up already, 3...2...1...GO!

King said...

Awesome - see you all in the 6am!!