Congratulations to Kate for battling the 95 degree heat in Maryland and competing in the Half Ironman 70.3 race!


Paul S said...

Great Job Kate, an amazing accomplishment!

Kate K. said...

Thanks to Laura and Timmy for being the best superfans ever! You have no idea how happy seeing you guys made me...bc let's be honest...it was a little warm and uncomfortable.

Melanie said...

Great job Kate!!!! Very impressive!

Chris P. said...

congrats Kate!!!!

Laura Pappas said...

Since I had already started sweating by 6:25am and I wasn't even racing yes I agree it was a little warm & uncomfortable. Good to know that you had no shade out on the course too, lol.
Great job now I'm thinking that I want to do another 70.3, glad we could boost your spirits in the heat!

Gina S said...


Unknown said...

Congrats Kate! Awesome achievement!

steph said...

congrats kate!! inspiring accomplishment, you are a beast for doing this in the heat! :)

donkey said...

Congrats, Kate! Amazing accomplishment!

B said...

Wow Kate! I heard it was a hot 70.3! Awesome! -BJ

Kristin T. said...

Congrats Kate! That's awesome! Glad u survived the heat & I'm sure the Pappi cheering section helped!! :)

Kim G said...

6:30 "Gracehoppers" (thanks, Cline)

Schaefer 11:22 RX w/ vest
Faby 10:58 RX w/ vest
Darrick 13:18 RX
Akeem 14:28 (95#/ROM)
Jerry 12:37 RX
Balmer 9:21 RX
Denise 12:44 (85#)
Erika 11:42 (65#/ROM)
Jen S 9:30 RX
Melissa 13:59 (73#/ROM)
Paul S 11:45 RX w/ vest
Conn 13:43 (135#/ROM)
Lizzee 12:00 (55#/ROM)
Justin 12:42 RX
Kate K 11:58 RX
Manisha 12:08 (45#)
Sam B 7:53 RX
Borden 11:12 (115#/ROM)
Cline 13:32 (105/ROM)

Good Work tonight.

I think it is the consensus that grasshoppers are banned from WODs going forward!?

Kim G said...

Oh, and congrats Kate K! Awesome work!