Bench Press

"An integral being knows without going, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing."


Vinny said...


Mike P 215
Wax 275
Heather 57.5
Gina 90PR
Bob W 175
Drew 165
Manny 145
Nina 145
KT 105
Rebecca S 95 PR
Paul 235
Sean F 200 (Chicago)
Alex 195 (CT)
Oleg 215
Jay E 285

Everybody loves bench day!!! Awesome class guys, congrats to Heather H on her first ever bench press...nice PRs today also. Welcome back Drew!!

Cate said...

Kara 68# / 6:54
Chris T 73# /6:42
Jackie 93# / 6:39
Joy 83# / 6:14
Kim C 85# PR / 5:58
Mike W 185# / 6:28
BJ 200# / 5:07
John C 225# / 5:10
Jonathan 215# / 6:10
Nick 205# / 5:11

Cash out: 3 rounds, 10 squat clean thrusters 200m run

Jackie said...

Thanks to everyone at the 9:30 class who helped watch Wes so I could workout a bit! I hope next time he is more cooperative, but you guys are the best!

Chris P. said...

4:30 and 5:30 classes...are you ready for some DODGEBALL???

donkey said...


Byrnsey: 255/4
Tim M: 230/8
Keith B: 135/8:02
Mark S: 165/6
Megs: 87.5/NA
Alanna: 62.5/1 round
John Sch: 285/6:08

Cashout was *either* TABATA situps *or* 3 rounds squat clean thrusters/200 m. Athlete pick. Oddly, no one wanted to do 2 rounds of Lynne.

Nice work, nooners! Some big numbers on the board today!

Jason Lyons said...

Why is everyone so quiet these past few days. Aim and I go away and it is a ghost town.

So, I will get it going. Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

Children: (how many)
Clean weight:
Cindy score:

Happily married with two kids and being a manager (just appointed this week) at my company. I hope to be able to clean 290 in 5 years and get 20 on Cindy.

Paul S said...
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Paul S said...

Not Married
No Children
CrossFit Box Owner/Coach
Clean 300
30 rounds of Cindy

J. Coxhead said...

married to kimbo
hopefully 2 BOYS!!! if i have girls i'll kill myself
police officer
ill clean any weight as long as its more than Lyons
What's Cindy?

Byrnsey said...

Married: hopefully Meg still tolerates me
Kids: 3 girls...done. Be careful what you wish for Coxhead
Career: Insurance @ Crossfit Coach
Clean Weight: 250
Cindy: half my age

Mike P said...

@ John - daughters are AWESOME!!! If you want to see what it's like to have two sons, I could lend you my twins for a weekend.

Mike P said...

. . . in five years

Still married

Sticking with three children

I'd like to escape from the law and be a teacher and coach (CrossFit and football)

Clean weight: At least 225

Cindy score: 30

Chris P. said...

4:30 On the Prowl (cash outs were max du's and then some Prowler sprints)
Tim H. 165
JZ 145
WW 165 PR
Sandy 85
Erika 95 (1 du)
JNa 80 (8 du)
Ben 175 PR (12 du's)

5:30 "1st round was greaaat" (cash out was athlete's choice of Tabata)
Mel 110
Patrick 245 (6 push ups)
Dan L 205 (5 push ups)
Ryan 145 (5 push ups)
Joe P 145 (4 push ups)
Mike T 300 (8 push ups)
Vinny form
Sarah J. 75 (10 squats)

Unknown said...

Just Married
No Children Yet
Enrolled in a phd program
Clean weight: 250
Cindy score: 25

Shoeless said...

Congrats on your promotion Jason.

I'd like to be married. Kids are in my 10-year plan, but in 5 years I'd be happy with just a loyal German Shephard and a house with a big enough yard for him to run around in. I'd like to be a manager at my company, or start my own technology company by then. 250 clean, and 18 rounds of Cindy (though I'd also be okay with never doing Cindy ever again).

John sch said...

I want to be Single, Baby's make me break out
Project manager
I want to clean more than Jason.
And do 21 rounds of Cindy.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Married: vincent vincent!
Kids: possibly one more (that'd make 4 :)
Clean: 200+
Cindy: 12+ rounds rx

Melanie said...

Denise 85 (11/13)
Jess C. 100 (12/14)
Jeremy 125 (13/10)
Faby 225 (18/20)
Paul 255 (28/25)
Tim McC 245 (29/20)
Steph V. 135 (PR) (13/10)
Jen S. 120 (PR) (10/15)
Jim C. 165 (20/23)

Solid work tonight guys! For Paul's birthday, he wanted to have some pull-ups instead of burpees so our cash out was 2 rounds of Lynne.

7:30 (2 guys/2 girls)
Leslie 98 (PR)
Lisa 68
Al 330 friggin pounds! + a 1RM 355!!!!!!!!!
BJ 195

Impressive bench tonight from Big Strong Al!!! Congrats on making it on the PR board!

Denise said...

Jason - 2 kids?

Getting married in October :)
No kids yet but I want a few
My job is boring
Clean 120
Cindy I can't remember

B said...


donkey said...

Big Al...BOOM!
Jason: congratulations! awesome news!