1 Rep per minute for 30 minutes (Front Squat) 
You must use the same weight for every lift so choose wisely...you can gauge at about 85-90% of your 1RM. If you fail, drop down in weight and continue the 30 minutes. The weight recorded is the lowest weight used at any time during the workout.

Community Note:
This Saturday June 23rd, Crossfit Explode, located at 540 E. Union St., West Chester, PA has invited friends and CrossFitters out for a fun day of grilling, drinking and working out to support Team Explode going to the Crossfit Games!  Rafflles with great prizes from local businesses will be available and live music. $40/person includes food and drink - kids free!

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do." 
-Edward Everett Hale


Anonymous said...

From the rack or floor?

Aimee Lyons said...


J coxhead said...

Rack city, rack rack city!!!!!!! 10's 10's 20's and them 50's

Mike P said...


Kim G said...

Heather 55
Erika 95
Jay 275
King 175
Todd 195
Kim G 85
Rebecca 108
KT 145
Mike P 235

Klutch 195
Lauren 95
Nina 145
Alanna 73
Peter 195
Chris NZ 205
Alexis 90

Good work through the early morning heat! There was a huge mental aspect to this one...

And thank you to BOTH 6 & 7 for my Birthday Burpees!

Wax said...
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Wax said...

Today is Kim G's birthday so a bunch of us are heading to Red Stone (by Plymouth Meeting Mall) for happy hour at 5:30pm...

PLUS it is conveniently located near Dave & Busters where Jen S will be working from 8-12, so there's a seamless transition to support multiple KoP'ers.

Hope to see you there!

donkey said...


Ciera 105
JNa 75 (but added weight in the middle!)
Matt G 185
Lori 85
Mark C 145
Rob fr Tx 155
Gina 90
Lisa 68

Keith B said...


Mike T 210
Travis 165
Mark S 75
Barb 90.5
Dianne 73 mid WOD bump up to 93

P. Lentus said...

3:30 TGIF'ers
Megs 105
Vinnie 95
Mel 95
Justin R 175
Jaime 115
Manisha 63
Diego 155 (185 at end)
Stasie 55
Wax 185
BJ 185
Mrs. Peterbutt 55
JZ 165
Lam 165

5!.....3, 2, 1!

Paul S said...

Mike P, 235! You Monster. Guess your feeling better after your Death Race. Congrats man.

Wax said...

And kudos to Lam and BJ for getting 225 AFTER the WoD!

Mike P and Jay - you're machines.

Melanie said...

Mel's Men

(Max burpees x 1 minute after last set)

Brian 175 (16)
Keith 255 (15)
Mark 145 (18)
Gabe 205 (21)
Nate 185 (24)
Tim M. 160 (15)

Solid work tonight! Way to hold your form for all 30 rounds.

B said...

3:30 TGIFers were so motivating! Wax, awesome 205 AND 3 STRUNG MUs post WoD!

donkey said...


BO 95
Joe 155 but went up during the WOD
John Sch 235
Tim H: 185


Melissa S 75
Paul S 225 + First Pukie!
Vin 260
Sarah 83 but went up during WOD
Dan M 125
Borden 205 went up during WOD
Chris A 135 but went up during WOD

Shout out to the people who went conservative and decided to heavy up in the middle of things. Your score reflects your lowest weight during the WOD, but I salute you for deciding to go up anyway.

Nice work in this heat to all the classes.