For the love of lunges.

W.O.D. 12.15.08
3 rounds for time:
400M Run
Walking Lunges 100M
100M Sprint
25 Burpees

Our very own:
Hannah Marley was featured on the CrossFit Head Quarters affiliate page today!
Congrats Hannah!!

Coming Soon..."Every Second Counts" - video [wmv] [mov]

Doug Chapman of HyperFit USA writes about "Clock Whores": Read the article.

The first and the best victory is to conquer self." -Plato

Laura P.-26:20
Tim P.-25:25


Hannah said...


Thanks Aimee, for sending in my pic!

Joe A said...

These are the workouts I prefer to savor.
Thats why it took me twice as long.

Aimee Lyons said...

gotcha Hannah-I took a pic with my phone of the times on the board and didn't see your time on the side. thanks for keeping me on my toes!
Joe A.- I love that quote! "these are the workouts I prefer to savor"...glad I was able to savor those 100M of walking lunges on round three with you!

Jason Lyons said...

how the hell does nicole beat me when she didn't finish until we were inside stretching. i am sensing that the clock is broke or something.

good grief. well at least i can dead lift some poundage.

Doug said...

Liked the clock-whores article. Aimee must have posted this for a reason... O.K, who was double-counting their burpees last night?

For those with time left on their FAC memberships (arrgggh, like me!), I'll be there tonight around 7:30 doing either the heavy split jerk WOD or (a scaled version of) the heavy-deadlift/burpee WOD from the mainsite.

Aimee Lyons said...

Doug-I'll have an 'open' gym hour from 730 to 830 tonight if you want to use the bumper plates for your WOD.just let me know. Aimee

Tim Pappas said...

As I showered last night, I found many little rocks in my hair, anyone else? I think I left some in there as souvenirs. Strong workout team, great job enduring.

nicole said...

Jason- stop being a crybaby like me last night! Everyone knows you finished before me. Who cares.
Hannah- congrats on the picture!
Aimee- Thanks for pushing me last night when all I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position and cry.
Tim- I had little rocks in my hair too!

Jason Lyons said...

i had rocks in my hair too from clapping after the burpees.

nicole, all i heard was "waaaahhhh, waaaaaaaaah, sniff, tear, waaahhhhhhhh" smelly girl, i am just busting your nuts...we know you have them.

i will go to open hour for either of those workouts. split jerk will be possible with the new rack and potential use of the ghetto bar.

Doug said...

Perfect! I will be at the 'open gym' tonight instead of FAC for split jerks or deads/burpees.

nicole said...

hahaha there was a lot crying coming from my end.