Athlete of the Month Pete D

Pete D (a.ka. Quarantine Pete, Lighting Feet Pete, LGP, Party Pete, and Vodka Pete … I’m sure there are more) 

 Home Town – Conshohocken, PA (CONSHY) Current Location – Plymouth Meeting, PA – Insurance agent for Liberty Mutual Insurance (Liberty, Liberty, Liberty) Age – 42 years young 

 Did you ever play Sports? Played basketball all throughout grade school then busted my ankle freshman year in High school so went into retirement, in college I took up weightlifting to get my show muscles pumped (good old mirror pumping) 

 Hobbies? I play golf or let me rephrase I TRY to golf and I also like to play corn hole, beer pong, flip cup, anything else that involves a cold drink in hand What is your biggest achievement in Crossfit? I have a few, the biggest one has been my back - I injured my back about 6+ years ago – slipped on ice and landed on my lower back (and yes I was hammered but it was like the kind of fall where you go straight down no stopping or bracing yourself), had back pain for a long ass time and it wasn’t getting any better no matter what I did, in 04/2017 Dana gifted me a 1 week trial pass for CrossFit , over time worked up the strength in my legs and lower back and haven’t had any back pain since. 2nd one is getting on the board for Diane I have been at it for a while and after 3 + years of trying I got 2nd on the board – Remer’s time is just ridiculous. Also being part of the now retired AVS squad (shout out to JP and Mike Sims) was an honor in itself – even tho I was the 5th man sub I still got a shirt. 

What is your Crossfit goal for 2021? 
Clean up my diet .. My diet is complete trash I don’t know how I don’t weigh 500+lbs – seriously I eat a lot of candy (Reese’s sticks are my go to if you haven’t had them do yourself a favor and go to WAWA right now) , all types of junk food, and booze (sipping ice cold high noons on a hot beach = paradise) … I should really clean it up and would probably have better results at the box but then again you only have one life to live and who wants to be spending that time counting how many peanuts you can eat 

What do you love about CF KOP? 
The whole gym and the community feel about it – honestly what makes me want to get up and go every day is the Noon class we got our foundation Noon members there (Shredded sisters Pam & Ana C, Kevin always interrupting class Haine, Casual Rich A, Meredith and her crazy shirts, Shirtless Ben, Virtual Geoff, and sometimes we have Mike “Just rolled out of Bed” Remer and the King himself Sam Bo) – plus getting coached by Aimee every day is pretty awesome (straight arms Pete, keep your legs together Pete -lol)! The annual Xmas party never disappoints and if your new would highly suggest attending. Also it’s in its infant stages but Summer Casual Thursday’s right after noon class sounds like it could become a thing 

 Favorite Lift or Skill and WOD? 
Fav lift is the snatch until the weight gets heavy then everything goes out the window, fav skill would prob be HSPU and RMU – recently just got a strict RMU was pretty excited to finally get that under the old belt of skills. Also don’t mind running all that much anymore, used to hate it but nowadays not so much. Fav WOD –I would have to say Randy (75 power snatches for time 55/75lbs) – it’s just an easy nothing to think about just go type 

WOD Least Favorite Movement or WOD? DUBS they are so easy and hard at the same time – I hate them – like skip a wod hate them 

 If you could make up your dream WOD what would it be? I did make up a WOD once for the KOP WOD raffle box (never got picked tho) – 20 min Amrap - T.K.O. – 10 T2B, 12 Kb Swings (35/53), 15 OHS (65/95) – playing “momma said knock you out” by LL Cool J on repeat

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