W.O.D. 11.16.18


For Time:
30 Snatches (95/135)

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CLICK HERE to compare to 5.4.18
CLICK HREE to compare to 8.14.18

Cash- Out:
Timed 1000M Row

Community Notes:
Join Coach Jenna TODAY for our Toes to Bar Clinic from 4:30pm- 5:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday classes will be held in the Annex, 110 C DeKalb St. Please meet and park on the same side of the Annex.

"Be relentless. Be confident. And you don’t hear this one very often, but BE UNCONQUERABLE. Never let anyone dull who you are, walk all over you or make you feel like you aren’t enough. Because you are MORE than enough."
- Cayla Haney


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CFKOP iPad said...

Mike S 2:05 95#/pwr clean 4:04.6
Kevin B 2:02 95#/3:24
Brian S 1:56 95# PR/3:19
Jeremy D 1:57 40# db C+J/3:41.5
Sean S 1:42 95# 3:29.1

Ben 3:48 @95PR 3:44
Chip 2:29 @95#

Jenna said...

Jill H 2:59 (65), 4:23
Emily 2:38 (50), 4:42
Lucas 3:00 (115), 3:56
Chris 3:00 (95), 4:20
Mak 3:41 (80), 4:29

Jenna said...

Mark P 2:53 (125)/ 3:58
JP 3:59 RX/ 3:36
Micah 2:35 (115)/ 3:46
Mary H 2:13 (55) 4:25
Kevin H 2:17 (95)pr/ 4:27
Tim H 2:57 (95)/ 4:10
Farrah 3:15 (35)pr/ 4:49
Cherie 2:57 (60)pr/ 4:46
Pete D 2:41 (120) pr/ 3:47
Rich A 1:56 rx pr / 3:59

CFKOP iPad said...

Trini 2:50 35, 4:48.4
Gia 2:22 60 4:47
Ashley m 2:57 75 4:30.9
Dave h 2:46 115, 3:36.6
Tom 3:04 95 3:49.9

Jaivian 4:16 75, 4:41.9
Karen m 2:10 55 4:27.3
Andrew m 3:22 Rx 3:36.1
Alison k 2:?? 65 4:05.2
Caitlyn 4:49 70 4:14.6
Josh p :15 95 5:51.7
Josh s 5:26 115 4:21
Jill a 2:36 Rx PR! 4:40

Justin Campanelli said...

7 am
Holly: 2:42 55 4:29
Marla: 2:22 55 hang 4:56
Jess M: 3:29 55 4:18
Braden: 1:52 95
Sam B: 1:45 115 3:52
Matt D: 2:19 60 3:55.7
Steph: 3:53 row

Joe S: 1:59 RX PR 3:53
Steph S: 2:55 RX 4:00
Jeff P: 3:26 RX PR 3:30
Randy M: 2:58 105 3:25
Mark S: 2:20 95 3:37
Jen C: 4:10 RX 4:26.3
Yas: 3:14 35 5:17.9
Noel: 2:35 95 4:07
Ari: 3:23 110 3:49

Neil D: 3:38 RX 3:37
Laura A: 4:08 RX 3:47
Chris S: 2:43 105 3:31
Dan M: 4:04 105 4:22
Mike M DL and Sit up 3:51

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