W.O.D. 9.21.18

For time:
50 ft Handstand walk
15 Toes to Bar
15 Calories Assault Bike
50 ft Handstand walk
20 Toes to Bar
20 Calories Assault Bike
50 ft Handstand walk
25 Toes to Bar
25 Calories Assault Bike

Community Notes:
It's time for a Nutrition Reset before the holidays. Are you ready to clean up your nutrition and hit the ground running with the support of your community?

 On Saturday, 9/22, we will be starting a NUTRITION RESET along with the help of InBody....to assist in getting you back on track! We will have three levels to choose from to give you a better guide for your reset.

We will also be introducing our NEW INBODY SCALE!

Check- out all of the details below:
Kick- Off: 9/22 at 9:00AM. Step on the InBody scale with Aimee and Jenna

Lecture: 9/22 at 10:00AM with Coach Aimee, she will be speaking on the logistics of the reset and give you info and tips to help get you started.

Buy- In: $50 for first and last measurement on the InBody scale, lecture, and leveled tiers.

End and Retest: 10/21 at 10:00 am

Tiers: Level 1- Cookie Monster...Not sure where to start? Choose and eliminate one (or two) of the following: - Alcohol, sugar, dairy, gluten

Level 2- Do you need more fruits and veggies in your life? Eat 800g of Fruits and Veggies each day 

Level 3- Did you forget where you put your scale? Weigh and Measure your food through zone or macros (we can provide you numbers)

And...the GRAND FINALE....the really good news, we will allow for one CHEAT weekend in this challenge, 9/28-9/30. Yep, you are allow to cheat for the gala weekend. No judgement no excuses, just go for it!

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did."
- Newt Gingrich


Jenna said...

Michael r 13:45 (5 wall walk Ins)
Mary h 19:14 (15 t2ba)
Lesley 17:10 (5 wall walk ups, 15 Cals, 15 ttb swings)
Jackie 17:47 (15 t2ba, hs box walk)
Cate 15:14 rx
Lea 18:23 (25ft hs walk)
Steph v 17:35 (bc/35 kbs/ airdyne +10)
Barb z 16:16 (floor ttb, kick up, concept 2)

Manisha said...

Jeremy D 11:34 GHD/Walk walk ups
Sean S 13:34 Rx
Kevin B 12:46 Rx
Theresa L 16:31 Rx
Kat 21:34 shoulder tap attempts
Colleen 12:26 20 Shoulder taps/Strict knee Raises
Holly F 13:45 kick ups/knee raises
Susan A 17:20 shoulder taps att.
Ellie 15:54 shoulder taps
Anna 11:38 Rx

Jenna said...

Karen S 17:28 (ttba, box walks)
Cherie 17:57 (box walks)
Jonathan 13:40 ttba
Pam 12:20 (walking lunge w/35 kb, ghd)
Tim H 16;51 (5 wall walk ins, knee raise)
Cal 14:08 (ski erg/ ghd, hs walk att)
Dana 16:16rx
Pete 15:35 wall walkups
Jess a 15:57 (bwa)
Rich a 13:38 rx
Meredith 14:43 (wall walk ins, rom t2b)
Dan M 16:45 (air runner, hs walk att)

Jenna said...

Frank 15:36 hswa
Matt 13:11 rx
Cardon 17:25 kr
Noah 14:03 hand shifts
Mike =] ww/ kr
Mike D 19:49 (t2ba, ww)
Cate G 14:17 (shifts, t2b/t2p)
Ashley M 13:48 (shift, kr)

CFKOP iPad said...

Gia 18:27 15ttb
Jilla 17:35 Rx
Ina 19:00 free hsku FLR ttb
Remer 13:01rx

CFKOP iPad said...

Andrew m 9:14rx
Mike m 13:58 15ttb 5WW
Kevin t 11:32 5 wwins
Josh m 12:15 Rx
Neil d 11:26 5wwins 10/15/20ttb

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 13:55 rx

Jenna said...

16:17 3 mats

Justin Campanelli said...


Megan ): 19:08 GTTB
Joelle W: 17:58 walk into wall, ROM TTB
Alex B: 13:31 GTTB HS walk into wall
Micah 14:38 RX
Matt D: 18:13 some TTB, box clock rotations
Nikki M: 18:48 4 box clock

Jeff P: 10:15 RX
Josh P: 15:50 RX
Kyle G: 12:39 RX
Trini: 19:00 GTTB
Alex T: 17:38 Box clocks k2c
Caitlyn B: 17:38 box clock, gttb
Mariana: 15:26 box clock
Liz: 17:15 box

Jess: 16:40 wall walks
Chris S: 15:44 Rx
Kim: 19:40 plank, GTTB
Neil D PM: 17:10 wall walk
Mike 15:30 wall walk, GTTB
Kate S: 17:10 GTTB
Adam S: 15:36 RX
Amanda: 20:00 B clock, knee raise