We all know how important stretching and mobility is to keep your body tuned up for maximum performance. Many of you say after class..."oh well, I have to go --- I'll do it when I get home"...but do you??

 To help you accomplish this we are bringing Yoga to the box! Join Tori for two special 60 minute vinyasa yoga classes. This class will connect breath with movement increasing physical awareness, flexibility, static core strength and your body's ability to release toxins. A vinyasa yoga class is also a great way to not only relieve physical tensions from everyday "wear and tear" and sore muscles but can also alleviate stress and mental tension. Some yoga experience is helpful but not necessary. All you really need is a mat, a water and breath. Please bring your own Yoga mat.

Yoga 5/19 at 4:30PM with Tori upstairs in the Annex 
Yoga on 6/4 at 10:30 AM with Tori in the Main gym

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