W.O.D. 5.5.15

"Cinco de Mayo"
Rope Climbs
(Run a 400 Meter after each set of Rope Climbs)
Time cap 20 minutes 

Community Notes:
Join us for boot camp tonight at 5:30PM!

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
― Moli√®re


CFKOP iPad said...


Kyle W. 20:04* RX
Jill C. 20:05* (1/2 rc, 1/2 up downs)
Justin D. 20:05* (up downs)
Ellie H. 22:05 (finished 3rc+run)(some rc, most up downs)
Nick C. 22:22 RX
Dianne M. 20:05* (updowns, 500m row)

*time cap +1 for every rep not completed (400m=1rep)

CFKOP iPad said...

All completed round of 3
Joe 23:16 rope pulls
Scott 23:16 partial rope clump/rope pulls 1/2row
Meggan 20:51 rope pulls

Tim P said...

Here is the link to sign up for the very popular Bryn Mawr Running Club Summer 5k series in Ardmore. It's a 3.1mile race over 3 flat loops, every 2nd Thursday 7:30pm of the summer months. You can sign up for 1 race, or all 3, the dates are 6/11, 7/9, 8/13 I am leading groups at each race, and this will surely be the endurance track workout of each month as well.


Stephanie Vincent said...

XL Flag shirts are in!! Eileen Marie​ (mark R), Jon P, Kevin Gergich​ & Athlete of the month ! Kevin and AOTM I ran your cards today.

Jason Lyons said...

Miranda: finished 3's
Giuls: finished 3's
Maddy: finished 3's (half pulls)
Mike: finished 4's (half pulls)
Olan: finished 4's
Samson: 22:32 rx
Erik: finished 4's (2 climbs)
Rich A: 25:07 rx (did cargo nets)
Rebecca: finished 4's (pulls)
Josh M: 23:05 rx

Shawna: finished 5's
Flounder: finished 3's
Mike Z: finished 4's (2 climbs)

SHAWNA GOT HER FIRST ROPE CLIMB AND THEN DID 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith B said...


Dana 20:09 sc cap
Jessie 20:08 sc cap
Pam 20:07 Rx Cap
Troy 20:09 sc


Brian(CT) 19:03 Rx
Christine S 22:09 200m RP
Rachel 20:05 Rx cap
Michal 20:04 Rx cap
Alona 20:05 Rx cap
Jen S ran 1.5 miles
Dave N 20:05 Rx cap


Luis 20:09 sc cap
Ashley 22:36 sc