Mobility Workshop with Dr. T

I have personally seen some dramatic results in performance and all around recovery since I have been seeing  Dr. Turner on a regular basis. He comes to CrossFit KoP on Thursdays and now he's going to do a special mobility workshop on Tuesday, October 7th at 6:30PM (in place of our regular scheduled Mobility Class * this week only)

He will cover....
Mobility, one of those painful nuisances that we know ought to be done, yet we don't take the time for it because it is far more comfortable to sit on the couch after a WOD.

Why does mobility work really matter anyways? Find out the basics of WHY mobility is critical for optimal performance and HOW you can practically implement these skills at home or at the gym!

Crossfit KOPs Dr. Kevin Turner will be providing a very practical hands on structure this on Tuesday at 6:30pm. Stick around after the WOD or come back to the box and learn how you can avoid the most common injuries and excel during your workouts.

See you there. No RSVP required, just show up! All members and friends welcome.

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