W.O.D. 9.6.14

Buy in:
3x10 Strict Pull-ups

Clean and Jerk

Cash out:
For time:
400 Meter Body Weight Sled Pull

"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." 
-Thomas Carlyle


Unknown said...

Don't allow yourself to feel that just because you're only one person that you can't set the wheels of change in motion. I have met many individuals that are unequivocally changing their world and the world's of others on a daily basis. You are too, you just aren't allowing yourself to recognize the change!

Paul S said...

Diane 145.2
Fugo 95
Mike Form
Kate F. 95 PR
Erika 115
Kathleen 80 Jerk from Rack
Marci 65
Rachel 140
Mike C. 175
LP 120

Most of you have a pretty good base and foundation of the clean and jerk. Now its time to fine tune some things. Every time you fix something, something else will pop up etc.... It is a never ending cycle. Fix one thing at a time and keep improving.

Unknown said...

And according to paul I just need to be shipped to Russia to learn how to clean a bar!