W.O.D. 9.30.14

We have been working hard on our Front and Back Squats for two months.  Today is the day to re-test the Front Squat.  We will retest Back Squat on Thursday. You are welcome to come to any open strength class this week to re-test too!

Work up to and post a new 1 RM Front Squat

Compare to (9.8.14)

Community Notes:
Join us on Saturday at 9/10AM for our Surprise Birthday WOD, friends and family are welcome.  This is a FREE workout.

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 ― Mother Teresa


Unknown said...

Your mind will not allow you to do something that it already decided against. So if you decided that you can't do double-unders (for example) until you start seeing yourself doing them in your minds eye and beleiving that you're already capable, than you never will. Beleive it, like you already are doing it!

Paul S said...

Ellie 140 PR
Justin 235 PR
Pete 235 PR
Mike S. 160 PR

Good start to the test day, 4 tests, 4 PR's.

Take your time in between sets, 2-3 minutes.. maybe even more once you get to the 85%+ range.... Figure out what kind of rep scheme you want to do to attempt a PR. Your trainer will be able to help you if you are unfamiliar or need help.

Kate K. said...

I'm posting today bc I'm not sure most people will look at yesterday's blog, but I wanted to say THANK YOU to yesterday's 4:30 and 5:30 for getting my through my first wod back in a loooong time. I'm hurting today but it hurts so good.

Paul S said...

Tim Mcc. 275
Mark R. 215 PR
Diane 245 PR
Nick Z. 225 PR
Rich P. 215 PR
Jill H. 115 PR
Jackie 170 Post Baby PR
Christ 120 PR
Barb 130 PR
Kara 120 PR
Bre G. 125 PR
Jonathan 305 PR

PR City

Bre Grignano said...

haha Paul... I got 135. robbing me of those 10 pounds!

Paul S said...

Haha SHIT! I took the picture before we changed it.

Bre Grignano said...

100 burpees tomorrow morning for you.

Paul S said...

Gavin 190 PR
George 205 PR

Aimee Lyons said...

haha Paul - Bre just put the challenge out there. The 3:30 Friday class saw you demo the burpee, we know you can do it!
Kudos on these PR's so far. I cannot wait to see what the evening classes have in store!

Keith B said...


Derreck 250PR

Aimee Lyons said...

Keith: 355 (bum knee and only 15 off PR)
Roman: 200 PR
Nicole K: 135 PR
Liza: 135 PR
Giuls: 145
Regi: 175 PR
JZ: 200 PR
Kate F: 95 PR
Flounder: 205 PR
Tim H: 265 PR
Anne B: 83 PR
Shauna: 120

LOTS of PR's today. If you did not get one, there are many reasons that you did not. Do not focus on it and just prepare for the next time you are in the gym. The longer you have been at this, the harder it is to PR and there are times when I put an extra set of clips on the bar just to try to get more weight. Dig deep, train hard, move weight. You are did great today.

Unknown said...

6:30 Mobility



Michal 125 PR
Nick C 245 PR
Steph C 110 PR
Dave S 235 PR

Way to keep the PR train rolling evening classes!