CONGRATULATIONS to all of the CFKoP competitors who threw down at Summer Slam 2012. A great event was put on by CrossFit Generation and we had 24 athletes compete. Just a few of the amazing moments are pictured above!

Join Mel for an outdoor adventure WOD at 9:00AM, meet and park at Frosty Falls. We will not be hosting regular classes this weekend do to the CrossFit Football seminar. Sorry for any inconvenience. This is a FREE class for members only.

"Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it."
~Joe Clark


Chris P. said...

awesome work and awesome pics...congrats guys!

Melanie said...

Sunday Funday Adventure WOD
4 athletes got to enjoy the early morning by completing the following as a team:

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
stump jumps
paralette burpees (with push up)
air squat
90# sled drag (length of parking lot and back)
Score= total reps of jumps, burpees and squats

Team Quadtastic
Score= 920 reps

Then the team completed an AMFAP in 5 minutes of the monster tire
Score= 10 flips

Pictures from today's efforts are showcased in the following album. Enjoy!

Great job guys and gal!!!

Anonymous said...

Wax looks like a wild animal pulling that sled...

Vinny said...

nice work, all you summer slammers...way to represent KOP proudly!!!

Jason Lyons said...

It takes courage to go outside of your comfort zone and compete at someone elses box. I am very proud of all of you for your efforts!

Mike P said...

That was fun.