A-Squad reunion

Who's up for a little CrossFit KoP Trivia quiz?

Members only can answer, no coaches. First to get all the answers correct will receive a free item from the CFKoP store. No Anonymous posts.

1. Who is pictured in the photo?
2. Which two athletes in the photo have trained in Texas?
3. What number of athletes have competed in CrossFit Regionals?

Good Luck!


mikefab said...

Aimee, Kit, Grans, Nikki, John, Mike,Cate, Keith, Dan, Tara.

Kit and Tara


Byrnsey said...

1. Aimee, Cate, Kit, John, Nikki, Grans, Tara, Tim M., Mike V., Keith B.
2. Kit and Tara
3. Aimee, Cate, Nikki, John, Mike V., Grans, Kit

Chris P. said...


Byrnsey said...

Tara went to regionals as well. The first kop I believe......

Anonymous said...

When are the wods going to be posted for KOP K&Q?

Jason Lyons said...


Please clarify your second statement. The first KoP?

Byrnsey said...

I believe the first team/indy's that KOP sent to regionals....

Chris P. said...


Shawn 58 box
Jason 43 Rx
Faby 90 Rx
Marie 37 rp/box
Travis 46 sb
Kate C. 58 Rx
Jim C. 28 Rx
Tim McC 43 Rx
Mike W. 31 sb

Peterson said...

Grans! Haven't seen her in forever! Hope all is well with you/Jim/family!