Hey Parents!

Did you know that CrossFit KOP has been selected to be part of a groundbreaking study, analyzing the impact of exercise on kids' ability to learn and retain information?   This is one of Coach Glassman's initiatives for 2012, and our box has been selected as part of a very small group to participate in the initial study.   Research has shown that studying immediately after exercise boosts performance in various ways, and the program intends to help bear that out with real data.

This FREE program will offer high school students an SAT prep program.   In addition for the summer the program will:
  • increase vocabulary
  • improve math skills
  • improve time management and study skills
  • improve memory
  • manage stress
  • provide test taking strategies
  • serve as SAT/ACT prep
How it works:  students show up for class and are first put through a brief CrossFit WOD, scaled as needed.  They then attend an SAT prep class, facilitated by a certified trainer.   

If you have a high school student who is preparing to take the SAT/ACTs in the coming years, we'd love to include him/her in our class.     Current time/days are Tuesday/Friday 9:30AM.  Please let Aimee know if you are interested in having your high schooler participate (he or she does NOT need to be an active member at the box).

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